Any publicity, is good publicity

It’s always cool to see people we have featured here before get some positive publicity in “normal” media outlets. I don’t know if the show America’s Got Talent counts as “normal” media or not, but hell, at least it’s on primetime network television! Our friends from the SwingShift SideShow managed to make it past a bit of Sharon Osbourne’s bitchiness and onto the second round!

Hey guys, I don’t really follow this show much, but I tell you what I’ll vote for you, but if you win you must demand they bring back the delightful drunk David Hasselhoff, who is leaps and bounds more interesting that that germaphobe, Howie Mandell.

56 thoughts on “Any publicity, is good publicity

  1. Nick Cannon is a disrespectful bastard with a complete lack of any talent whatsoever.

  2. The septum drill made me flinch so bad, haha.
    I could get it in, but I don’t think I’d have the balls to drill it back out that fast.

  3. I am glad I dont have a tv or watch tv.
    My best to SwingShift SideShow regardless.

  4. I thought howie did a good commentary. usually the hoff would just be like “that was hofftastic” or “hoffaul”

  5. awesome! man, i can’t imagine being so rough on my piercings, i’m a sensitive gal :)

  6. the cheek skewering always makes me flinch… ah well. i’m glad for them. :)

    also i agree with scott. (though nick cannon’s reaction is probably at least half of what the people in the crowd were thinking.)

  7. This makes me smile. I wish them the best and I’d totally go see them if they were ever in my area.

  8. Ohmygod that was frakking AWESOME.
    Septum drill made me cringe a bit, and I can’t help but think “Hey, Nick Cannon, expand your artistic horizons a bit!” (he’s so squeamish lol)

    I’m pretty impressed by the reception they got from the audience, as well as Mandel/Osborne/Hoff, though. I mean, what a shock it must have been, right?

    But still, SO COOL.

  9. such a good routine! i love how they freaked everyone out so much they loved them, hahaha.
    and Nick Cannon is an irritating idiot.

  10. Nick Cannon, grow up. I think they are amazing, and wish them the best of luck.

  11. @1 totally my first thought as well.

    Bahaha Nick Cannon, you poor sheltered boy, someone send him a click through BME link!

  12. haha! Must be a Freudian slip from our battle days!
    I swear I didn’t mean to say Shit.

    Swing SHIFT totally killed it!

    I am a fan of this performance.

  13. If you ask Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and other Metalband, who played on Ozfest or with Ozzy would say : “Shannon Osbourne is everything but not cool…”


  14. I can’t stand watching Nick Cannon. I think the performance looked a bit hasty, but i’m glad they got through.

  15. I agree with Linda, that although the performance was cool, it was a bit rushed because of the obvious time limit.

  16. nice guys!!! congratulations. Cutthroat was also on an episode of Americas got talent. i thought it was cool to see both u guys made it on tv

  17. Wow, just wow!

    Amazing, except for the first part… like the dude says “Those are perfectly good breasts!”

    Everything else is gravy tho ;)

  18. Not gonna lie, when she YANKED the swords out of his throat, I cringed. ^_^;

  19. Yes! I saw their sideshow act in Vegas during APP and they were super inspiring. The tango that Andrew S did with his lady was so ridiculously cute, it made me “aww” out loud.

    Good luck to you!

  20. Hahahah!!! When she wiggled the needle through her cheek at Nick, I lawled so hard! Serves you right you disrespectful obnoxious hack!

  21. I actually think “you all make me sick, and you’re all through to the next round” describes what they do pretty well. Isn’t that sort of supposed to be the reaction? I don’t think that’s very disrespectful…

  22. Also, #31
    Are they not perfectly good breasts? I understand his reaction completely :P

  23. way more entertaining that cutthroat I’m gonna have to say. Good luck to these guys!

  24. #32 – I seem to remember someone telling me the Psycho Cyborgs were on Britain’s Got Talent last year.
    Not sure if it made it onto the televised show though.

  25. Err.. am I the only one how notices that the note she staples to her forehead at the beginning of the show actually falls right off? Seems like she’s not using staples at all. oO

  26. Nick Cannon made me crack up too. He was way exaggerating the stuff they were doing…it wasn’t THAT bad :-P

  27. Incredible! I’ve seen this act in person and is insanely wonderful. I can’t wait to see the next episode they make it to.

  28. dammit Nick Cannon, when are you going to respect me? you shit on everything i love.

  29. Oh man, I felt so lucky to be watching TV that day.
    This is totally awesome and I hope they make it. It’s about time freak shows are getting more notice. Someone said this earlier and I agree…. I love how they freaked everyone out so much that in the end they all cheered for them.

  30. Oh my god, you Americans are stuck with Piers Morgan too? I’d apologize but I’m not responsible for the stuck up bastard.

  31. Couple of honest opinions, as a sideshow performer:

    1) They took twenty minutes of tricks, and did them all in a few minutes. No set-up, no banter, no crowd-warming. Shock value is nice, but when the crowd WANTS to see it, its better.

    2) Three people all at once, no act balance in between them, overly distracting costumes and the personality of dried toast? No thanks

    3) They wouldn’t be starving artists if they had an act worth putting in a variety show.

    Also, Nick Cannon is a douchetard.

  32. i think the idea was to show a little diversity of what they do. they only had 90 seconds to perform. how much set up are they suppose to have? would waste time for something like this. i dont think you could judge their act from a 90 second montage of tricks. you should see their full show before making a harsh judgement like that….

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