Mirror mirror in my hand….

Faeryloverette sent us these pictures. We often see people’s genital piercings on here, but how often do we see them from the same view as the wearer?


For a NSFW version of this picture and artist credits, keep on keeping on.


These piercings were done by Georg and Jim from High Priestess Piercing in Eugene, Oregon. The outer labials are two and half years old and the vertical hood in less than four weeks. The tattoo’s were done by Egor (formerly from The Parlour ).

26 thoughts on “Mirror mirror in my hand….

  1. Hey Sean, it’s spelled Georg, no ‘e.’ Just a heads up. Otherwise, beautiful piercings from from great guys.

  2. The mirror only makes the composition more intriguing. The piercings are beautiful, as well as the wearer.

  3. Nice clickthrough-riddle…wait, i geti it…..the right answer ist “Friends”…loool

  4. Ooo a red head! I like the nipple and arm composition in the antique style mirror. Very nice piercing.

  5. im not usually a big fan of multiple piercings on lady parts, but this look great.

  6. Agreed. I’m usually not keen on multiple genital piercings, but these? GORGEOUS.

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