I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker

I’m just going to go ahead and say my immediate reaction to this tattoo was “Wow.”  The hands are really something and I’m a really big fan of this piece and the others that the artist, Alexandru Petcu, uploaded to BME.  He works out of Spunk Tattoo and you’ll have to get yourself to Bucharest if you want to get some work done by him.  Judging by this photo and the others he uploaded to BME, I’d say it would be worth the trip.

This photo was submitted combined like this but I’ve separated them and included another shot after the jump so you can get a closer look.


You can find Spunk Tattoo on Facebook or by going to the website.
Check out some more of Alexandru’s work and the latest tattoo updates on BME.

16 thoughts on “I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker

  1. While the tattoo is pretty nice Jen, I can honestly say it is irrelevant in comparison to the quote you chose. I love you!

  2. Also, attempting to title my entries practically causes me to have a nervous breakdown. I think it’s the hardest part of the whole thing!

  3. Jen – Thats my favorite poem. I dont think you could have found a more fitting work to pull a title from.

  4. Very nice piece. It’s actually reminds me to an ANNIHILATOR album cover that MY cousin Gyula from Hungary designed for the album ‘Schizo Deluxe’…

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