What exactly is going on here?

Of course there were a TON of suspension photos from the recent Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention. Yet, while digging through the hundreds of photos in the ritual gallery, this totally sans-suspension photo jumped out at me. Maybe because it involves old friends of mine, or perhaps just because it is so totally random and awkward. That random awkwardness is what makes it captures the true spirit of most of the mod events I have been to better than the more typical posed, or serious shots.


The picture belongs to Brian.

The beard belongs to Micah.

The look of shock and awe belongs to Scot.

That hand, I am pretty damn certain that belongs to no other than Shawn Porter.

15 thoughts on “What exactly is going on here?

  1. Well, tickle my dickle, you are right Jason. It’s been so long since I have seen Greg I assumed his beard must be of such epic proportions by now. Thanks for pointing that out so I could get it fixed!

  2. questionably straight man goes in to felate a bottle of what looks like dirty urine = awkward

  3. i can’t even count the amount of times i’ve let shawn pour stuff in my mouth (now that’s a statement that totally screams “questionably straight”!)

  4. only 2 things spring to mind here….

    on is scots EPIC expression lol…and 2…where are your hands Micah? or are you just too damn lazy to pour the drink yourself :p

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