The ever changing, ever evolving, xronix.

Any longtime modblog reader will probably remember xronix in one of his multiple previous features. He has been featured numerous times on here and for good reason, he has an amazing collection of mods and changes looks enough that each feature appears totally different from the last. I really dig this picture, it’s almost like he has evolved past human and if I were ever to make a sequel to “The Fifth Element“, I would damn sure cast him in a major role.


It is also well worth noting that xronix, not only has his eyeballs tattooed, but he did them himself!

61 thoughts on “The ever changing, ever evolving, xronix.

  1. I LOVE this. Usually I’m not a fan of excessive facial mods but he really pulls this off- in fact all of the mods look natural and perfectly in place :)

  2. God he looks so amazing. That’s the best eyeball tattooing I’ve ever seen, and to do it yourself! And all of his photos are amazing, they should be posted more often!

  3. i remember in the 90′s when wearing black contacts was “hardcore”. what a terrible ten years.

  4. tattooed eyeballs usually creep me out a bit, but it looks really good on him! props to him :)

  5. Man, I’ve seen some bad watermark color/font/placement, but this really takes the cake.

    Beautiful picture otherwise, though.

  6. @Bobbinsgalore- Lines on his forehead and nose are tattoos, he mentioned that on his fotoblog.
    With those eyeballs he looks kinda.. alienish, but beautiful, really well done tattoo.

  7. I wish that the watermark were as pleasing to the eye as the image itself… Was the neon pink really necessary?

  8. LOVE the eyes. DO WANT!!1! (I’ve long thought that tattooing the sclera solid black combined with black contacts would make for the most awesomely unreadable expression.)

  9. I can no longer say that I’m the only person to tattoo his own eye.

    Also, holy shit this guy has done some good looking stuff to himself!
    Very striking. I’m a fan.

  10. when you say tattooed his eye what part of the eye are we talking about, or are what I perceive as contacts the tattoo?

  11. So beautiful. I wish he lived here in the states so that I could have his beautiful, modified babies.

  12. @17: But only with the babies’ consent of course! And yeah, I second that. What a hunk!

  13. I’m fully in love with this. Want to marry? god damn it – HE’S HOT!

  14. At a glance his lobe looked like an extension of his nose, rather reminded me of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
    Amazing mods though.

  15. i didnt even notice the eyeballs, or any of the mods themselves so much at first. which i suppose is a compliment, they all work so well together and look so natural. kudos!

  16. That is gorgeous. I like it how my eyes don’t focus on any specific mods, it took me a good while to even notice his lobes. Everything just works great together here.

  17. There’s something about the eyes and the tattoos on the nose that make this almost doll-like.
    Truly stunning!

  18. I LOVE the eyes BUT what made it more special for me is how all his piercings look more subtle now…and the hair and everything it just blends so well…I checked the modblog on his earlier stuff an most had his piercings ending with chunky black balls that really stand out…I just love the subtle blend of the silver here :)

  19. If there is ever a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the part of the Child Catcher is cast .

  20. Wow, props to him for doing the eyeball tattoo (himself!), it really enhances his look to the next level. So how many people in the world does this make?

  21. Wow, this just can’t help but catch your eye. He doesn’t look real, but in such a good way. And looking at the past posts, he’s so elaborate with the looks! Gosh…beautiful.

  22. I also thought his lobe was actually some kind of nose extension… eek! awesome shot. I’m all about the pocket watch!

  23. I also thought his lobe was a nose extension, sadly he just has big ears, a few cuts, and what looks like a selection of small guage buckshot released at medium range into the front of his face

  24. i always thought nobody could pull off eyetattoos…. wrong ;O

    it’s funny how everyone just loves the mods here. in comparision to other posts it’s almost a miracle.
    some people probably just got good karma :D

  25. His eyes, his features, his modifications are stunning. But holy HELL, he tattooed his sclera himself?! Now THAT takes balls. It lends such a haunting effect to his light eyes…

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