I love it when a plan comes together

Nothing is quite as lovely as a modded wedding, and Cucuy’s and SteelGirl’s wedding was exceptionally so. Not only were his lovely wife and him sporting stretched lobes and other assorted visible mods, but so was their minister!  When I found the wedding photos in the culture gallery, I had a damn hard time deciding which one to use. If you like cool wedding pics, I highly advise you flip through the other ones in the gallery or on Cucuy’s IAM page.


12 thoughts on “I love it when a plan comes together

  1. I remember when I worked at a tattoo studio, a girl who was getting a tattoo had complaints from her mam about what her wedding day pictures would be like if she had a tattoo- my boss said “look, my wife has two full sleeves and she looked like a princess on our wedding day”- I think this picture shows she wasn’t the only one! :)

  2. I love modified couples. For some reason they always seen so much more in tune with eachother and secretly I watch soap operas.

  3. Hellzyeah! Two of the greatest people I know, and completely meant for each other! and Im not just saying that because I work for them!!!!!

  4. It’s photos like these that fill me with hope of achieving something similar someday :3

    Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple- how glad they must be to have some equally stunning images that captured their day ^_____^

    -gets the warm fuzzies- :D

  5. Coolest minister ever. Haha. This picture is adorable. I love happy modded people…

  6. Aw that’s beautiful :) I have one arm sleeved and get married in January and am constantly fielding questions from older’/distant relatives about how they’ll look on the day, but most people that know me get that’s just how I am now (even my mum who was horrified when said sleeve was started 3 years back!)

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