You’ll have to excuse my silence but my hard drive started failing last week and then went completely.  Now that I’m back up and running, I’m trying to get caught up on moderation again.  That’s just what I was doing when I came across this submission from SaD and I thought it was really cool!  The artist is Roman Fursov from Хорс in Lipetsk, Russia.  One of the best parts of moderating images for BME is getting to see the work that comes out of so many different countries. I’ve definitely noticed a rise in submissions from shops outside of the US and Canada and that’s fantastic!

I can’t place the girl but she’s very familiar to me. The portrait is based on the Wasp Queen doll by artist Virginie Ropars.  I love the shading on the face and in particular around her lips and the furrow of her brow.


Check out the portrait gallery on BME for more like this.

11 thoughts on “Shhh…

  1. Beautiful! The shading to me looks like a really nice watercolor painting!

  2. She looks to me like something out of Snow White (: Love it, nevertheless

  3. i like it very much. looks to me like a cross between edward scissors hands, lady gaga and the frontman of Great White or other comparable glam metal icon.

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