Could this really be the “World’s First Human Centipede Tattoo?”

This tattoo claims to be the “The World’s First Human Centipede Tattoo”, and I am tempted to believe it. Has anyone else gotten a tattoo inspired by the, not really a hit, movie “The Human Centipede“? If so let me know, we can check up on dates, cross check references and determine once and for all if this tattoo by  Jimmy Knuckles at Shaman Modifications in Austin is rightfully declared the world’s first “Human Centipede” tattoo!


44 thoughts on “Could this really be the “World’s First Human Centipede Tattoo?”

  1. it’s truly icky, I mean, human centipedes make me want to barf haha… though so do regular centipedes..

    I do not think I’ll be watching the movie

  2. I’ve seen this movie and all I have to say about the tattoo is “OH MY GOD”

  3. Tempted to get one placed like a garter as a continuous centipede.. but this is pretty badass.

  4. I saw that trailer a little while back and afterward i felt physically sick to my stomach, you can’t unsee things, even fictional things.

  5. oh GOD this keeps haunting me! I didn’t even see the movie I just read the wikipedia page, and it makes me sick every time I think about it. I admire the screenwriter’s, um, creativity, but…. no shit re-digestion for me please!

  6. damn i gotta red this movie! Have heard bout it! Restricted in australia! Must download it this arvo! Woo love the tatt! Haha explain that one to yous mum! Haha

  7. I have one (properly placed above my asscrack) but this was circulating before I got mine =D

  8. ive seen this tattoo before… possibly on modblog already… either way makes me ashamed i have yet to see the movie…

  9. I had to IMDB and Wikipedia the movie after seeing this post… and now I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.

    Suffices to say I won’t ever watch the movie (although the linework on the tattoo is kinda nice…)

  10. its jimmieknuckles, just saying.i dont dig on the “Y”. the tattoo is on a projectionist at the alamo theatre here in austin , and as far as he, i, or anyone i have had contact with associated with the film know, it is the first. but no one really cares about dates. its dope, and hes quite happy with it, thats pretty much all i care about.

  11. i just downloaded the movie and apperentlly its mad by a dutch guy, Felling alittle less proud about my etnichity , its a pretty fyucked up movie uncomfortable to watch.

  12. i own this movie and have watched it many a time! and i can honestly say this is one of the most badass tattoos ever!! lol ive been considering getting an abstract portrait tattoo from the movie to go on my horror leg, but i dont think it would be as cool as this one is!!! big high five and definate props to the person that got this!

  13. while the first movie looked like it was going to be phenomenal, i was disappointed that there wasn’t more gore. the second installment, however, i am most definitely looking forward to…

    as for this tattoo: grade-a bad ass


  14. I have never laughed out loud so much than when I saw the movie, that is until I saw this tattoo.

  15. Ok so, maybe Im just fucking weird, but I ate while I was watching this movie. I thought the movie was so ridiculously lame that it was in turn awesome. I think its completely worth watching, like any other amazingly horrible horror movie. If you havent seen it watch it, if you have a weak stomach just dont eat first haha

  16. Haha! I just finished that movie like an hour ago and of course.
    Where else am i going to find a human centipede tattoo besides bme.
    Awesome =)

  17. my ex watched the movie over and over again. i wish this movie never even got made its to sick, saw, jason and the old nightmare on elm street movies are far better. i will never watch this movie because there is a rule u should never go ass to mouth and i’m a triplet. so i don’t like even thinking about that.

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