This one’s for the ladies…

A nice BMEBoy entry for the ladies……or the gents who swing that way. In either case this blue eyed boy hails from Russia and goes by KonstantinZvyagin. But be warned, he has a bit of an ego to go with those piercing blue eyes of his seeing as the description of the photo was : “ I have beautiful eyes ”


24 thoughts on “This one’s for the ladies…

  1. Maybe your monitor is messed up. Those eyes are as naturally blue as they come.

  2. I definitely saw this in the gallery earlier today. Beautiful boy… I should move to russia… Mmmm…. Russian boys… :3

    And i’m with chokehold, it does look shopped , but it looks like he has pretty eyes anyway.

  3. Also, are those flowers part of his plugs? or are they just chillin’ in there?

  4. Oooooh………..k, I was looking at the photo on my phone earlier, and did not see the blue on the whites of the eyes…Yeah, I agree now. lol

  5. Oh man I totally saw this in the gallery yesterday and clicked on it and drooled for a little while! hahaha this guy is so fucking beautiful. And it’s true Russian men are wicked sexy, I very much need to go to Russia.

  6. Holy shit, he’s a dead ringer for my unmodified ex. I got chills when I saw this picture. Seriously, his eyes just penetrated my soul.

  7. sad lobes are sad.

    blue eyes are blue… but thinking maybe the blue on the whites of his eyes are a result of those color enhancing contacts? either way i’ve always had a thing for russian men. and womens.

  8. Hey! Be tough! Go to Russia!))) Traveling Mike and John Durante, Sammpa FonCyborg, Pain Solutions and Circus Mundus Absourdus already was here! So, why don’t you come to Russia? Let’s make a World BME Meet! First in Russland))))

    BTW,I’m from Russia and I have blue eyes too, but not as blue as Kostia (on photo) has)))) Man, I want my eyes to be more blue))))))))

  9. goldie, +1

    move to russia, better directly to saint-petersurg! :))
    we have a lot of cute bme-boys here, including me too)

  10. PS
    and we have no such cute bme-girls as SG are :((
    this is kinda epic fail.

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