Sounds like fun for the ladies….

Sounding, whether it be for sexual pleasure or for urethral enlargement is usually associated as being a male activity. However, the ladies need not feel left out, there is no sexual discrimination in the sport of sounding!

NSFW, picture after the break.


19 thoughts on “Sounds like fun for the ladies….

  1. I feel like I would just feel as though I have to pee really bad, but maybe I wouldn’t, who knows. Anyway, yes it’s good to see females having fun with their urethra as well

    Thats a good point about UTIs though

  2. Um, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that males cad and do get UTIs through sounding. (Either that, or I tore something. :/)

  3. UTI’s would be REALLY easy to get through sounding, for men or women. That’s why it’s so important to sterlize the equipment BEFORE using it. Trust me, you do NOT want a nasty UTI – the last one I had landed me in the emergency room after I started peeing blood (which felt like I was peeing out broken razor blades). And that wasn’t even from ‘playtime’ – just sheer rotten luck.

  4. What is the sexual pleasure from this?? Please explain the purpous. It looks interesting though

  5. The urethra and the g-spot lie right next to one another in women’s bodies. Sounding done correctly stimulates the g-spot and feels really super. I can come from urethral stimulation without any other touch, something I never thought would happen. I had a run of frequent UTIs when I was in my 20s (I’m in my late 30s now) but have never gotten one from using sounds. Stay clean, play safe. Sounds are fun.

  6. I like how this photo is still showing up on the front page even though its behind a click-through…haha!

    Also…I feel like I would probably enjoy this activity a lot…but I don’t know if I’ll ever try it.

  7. gogo_savvy – its behind the click through because some people link directly to modblog without going through the main page, I myself have done for I think the last 4 years or more, so its just a “safe for work thing”..It been mentioned a number of times recently actually.

    And I say kudos Sean for putting this up, don’t often see the ladies (or hear much) who enjoy sounding play like that, it did seem to be a ‘men only’ thing….kudos!

  8. Gogo_savvy – The click through is for ModBlog. It’s on the main page of BME. Hopefully most people realize that going to BME is NSFW but we try to keep anything like this behind a clickthrough for ModBlog because, like Dean says, lots of people come straight to ModBlog without going to BME first.

    Whether it’s practiced less I’m not sure but it’s definitely more rare to receive sounding photos from women than it is from men!

  9. Excellent post ! Thanks Sean. 😉 NO there is not only men on Modblog when it deals with sexual practices (as lots of people say regularly…). To the model of the photo : nice job, all the best !

  10. It’s nice to find pix of other women that enjoy this. Usually it’s all left to the guys and hard to find at that. My husband and I started out playing like this and it quickly got to be an obsession for me because it felt so nice. Yes, there were times I pushed my limits a little too far and caused some minor bleeding, but my experience is similar to what Purple said above. I had lots of UTIs when I was younger and am now in my 30′s and haven’t had a single one from practicing this. We started playing at this about 3 years ago with very small objects and have now worked up to outright sex. (Like Amazing Ty, except I don’t need the speculum since I’m able to use my hand to aim and just concentrate on controlling the muscles down there to get him in.) We use lots of lube and take things easy starting out. It’s always a little intense initially. But very quickly as the muscles further in adjust to having him all the way into my bladder, we’re able to go at it with just as much speed and force as we want. I have trouble getting off most any other way that we do anything and going down does it but takes forever. Urethral sex does it without fail. I would definitely say that if you’re interested then try it, but only with someone you absolutely trust, use clean equipment, be patient no matter HOW good it feels, know your limits, and use lots of lube all the way down in. (A small syringe is good for this, but there are toys sold for this exact purpose.) Hope this helps anyone with a curiosity out there.

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