Four members of our community were in a bad car wreck

I did something, I don’t normally do for this, I totally ripped an article off of another site. I hope our friends in Nassau Chainsaw are cool with that, but I imagine they would be seeing as this is about helping out mutual friends.  Allen, also posted some info up on, if you want to check that out as well.

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that not everyone involved in this wreck was involved with Nassau Chainsaw, or didn’t know Allen, so I have one more link with updates where all of them were part of the family, Discraceland Family.



On their way from Texas to California, Spliff, Jill, Robby and Brandon were involved in a very serious car accident. Spliff is currently unconscious in Critical Condition and has been airlifted to a hospital.  Robby has also been airlifted to the same hospital, with a punctured or collapsed lung and liver. Jill, Robby and Brandon are all coherent and awake.

From Neil of CORE, “I just watched 4 of my best friends roll their car over at 85 mph in front of me. If you are in CoRE, please call Matt or Steve, if you are in AGRO, call Angela, if you are in DHS call Razor Tongue or Orbie. I will be updating them periodically. Please do not call Spliff, Jill, Ribble, or Brandon as they do not have their phones. Send all your prayers and love their way.”

Update from Jill at 2:45AM

“Myself our Baby and Branden are ok. Badly cut bruised and sprained, but ok. I’m currently headed to Odessa where Arwen and Robby are in critical condition. I’ll let u know as soon as I do…. Keep positive thoughts for us please.” -Jill

Update from Neil at 4:31AM

Ribble is in surgery spliff had a head concusion, brain and skull appear to be fine for now.  Broken vertebrae in his neck.  He is heavily sedated and on a breathing machine in the ICU at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, TX.

Update from Jill at 4:57AM

“I am currently in ICU with Arwen. He’s heavily sedated, breathing steadily with help from a machine. Concusion in his head which is currently not effecting his skull or brain. Also a broken vertibre in his neck. He is being closely monitored and things could change. Ribble is still in surgery….. Keep the positive energy coming”

Update from Neil at 5:00AM

“Brandon is asleep at the hotel in Ft Stockton, and Sara and NoMan are watching over him. Other than that, if you do not hear something directly from myself or Jill, just remember, it’s all hearsay, and please remain calm.”

Update from Neil at 5:54AM

This is what the doctor told Neil

“Robbie-Has a Ruptured Spleen + it was removed, he has a bruised mesentery, he has tubes in his chest to drain his lungs, severe head trauma + spinal chord damage, he has had a litter of blood pumped out of his abdomen and recycled back into his blood stream. his liver was lacerated in 3 places, they were able to cauterize and suture it back together. He is on a breathing machine and will be for a week.

“Spliff-Has broken ribs and severe contusions around his lungs, broken vertebrae, severe head trauma, and is also on a breathing machine and will be for a week.”

We will know a lot more in 48hours when and if they come out of it.

Lets continue with the positive thoughts + be there for our family. Thanks to all who have made donations so far. Lets keep them coming.

We will post more information here as it becomes available. Please watch this space for updates.

All our hearts and minds are with them.

Please Make A Donation to help out our brothers and sisters.

If you have a spare moment after sharing a little change to help out four members of our modified community (as well as modblog regulars), check out Nassau Chainsaw a band who includes sideshow and suspension acts in their regular performances.

16 thoughts on “Four members of our community were in a bad car wreck

  1. thanks so much for helping spread the word, love you guys stay strong, we know youll make it thru this!

  2. the ncddc family is tryin to get the word about this out every where. So thank you bme for stealing this and posting it here. Everyone please help by pushing out good engery for Spliff and Robby they need it to pull through. If you can follow the link and give whatever you can, even 2 bucks will help, if everyone on this put it in it can make a world of difference. The bills for them are gonna be crazy after this. Please keep checking out for updates.

  3. my heart goes out to all those involved.
    they are getting as much of my positive energy as i can send their way.
    i wish i had dollars.
    but all i can offer are good thoughts.

    i wish everyone involved a full recovery.
    and their families and friends strength and well being while they deal with this crisis.

  4. I don’t know any of them but my thoughts are with them, their friends, families and loved one.
    Hold on tight guys. You’ve made it this far keep going!

  5. Thank you for posting this, please everyone who can donate something to help our brothers….


  6. Doesn’t America have decent healthcare insurance and whatnot now? Why are we being asked to give money?

    I don’t want to seem like a prick, but don’t you get cared for when you get in an accident? Doesn’t the latest bill Obama pushed through take care of all the expenses?

  7. Funny how asking a question regarding insurance and healthcare benefits doesn’t get through the moderation.

  8. I love you guys. I’m using all of my brain, heart, and faith in all that is good in this world on you two right now. <3

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