Congrats, Timothy and Elki!

After making such a sad post this morning, I felt obliged to offer up a much happier one this afternoon.

BME has been a meeting place for like minded individuals for a long time. Countless couples and families got their start as strangers behind a keyboard with a common love of body modification. In fact there is even a whole gallery dedicated to couples who have met through BME.

Today I found the wedding pics in the couples gallery from one such couple, Timothy and Elki.


17 thoughts on “Congrats, Timothy and Elki!

  1. Major congrats Tim. I don’t know Elki but congratulations to her too. I was so surprised when I saw the wedding photos last night while I was moderating. I’m so out of the loop! :)

  2. This is nice :)
    If everyone didn’t so far away from me on here i’d be in that gallery too, damnnnn!

  3. Awww Thanks guys! :)

    Rob, I doubt I’d live in Toronto again. If I ever return to Ontario, it won’t be there. It’d be more like… Fergus? Kincardine? Small is good.

  4. very cute couple wishing you both the best and glad to see gorgeous iam couples on the modblog woooooooo!

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