The Wrong Side of History

I’ve been hearing this phrase more and more lately when it comes to same-sex marriage and it really does apply.  When you think back to those who were opposed to freeing the slaves, or those who wanted to keep racial segregation, they ended up being on the wrong side of history.  They were fighting against a movement to treat everyone equally, and as time went on more and more people realized that this wasn’t a fight that they could win, nor was it a fight that should be fought.  Hopefully within the next few years the same will apply when it comes to same-sex marriage around the world, much as it already has in Canada and Europe.  So what does this all have to do with ModBlog?  Check out this tattoo by Jackie Rabbit.  The reason should be pretty clear.

Shock and D’awwwww

I tend to shy away from obviously photoshopped photos, but when it comes to horror photography that involves suspensions, I let it slide.  To be fair the background is where about 99% of the photoshop work is, the rest is all practical make-up and props.

So clearly this photo of JackeeLynn is the “Shock” portion of this post.  Keep on reading to see the “D’awwwww” half, as well as the uncensored version of this photo.


Photography, MUA, SPFX, Post Production: Anathema Photography
Thank you to Christine & Rhys for the use of their space!

The suspension was facilitated by SuperDirk from BC’s Local Hookers Suspension Team.  As for the cuteness, here’s a photo from JackeeLynn and Dirk’s wedding that took place a couple of months back.  Congrats you two!

Not ready for marriage?

Previously on ModBlog you’ve seen many different types of marriage related modifications.  From someone proposing during a pull, to matching tattoo wedding bands, the institution of marriage is celebrated in may different ways.

Well what about those who don’t want to get married, or are maybe just not ready to?  Well thanks to BME member Sames, there is now a way to show the world you’re not ready to get married just yet.  From the microdermal gallery comes the “Anti-Wedding Ring”.  A series a microdermals guaranteed to prevent any engagement ring or wedding band from being fully placed on the finger.  Sure, you can get the ring over just the tip, but there’s no way a ring is going to make it to the base of the finger.

"I don't"

The Wedding Ring

Ahh, the wedding ring.  That timeless symbol of commitment between two individuals in love.  If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ve probably heard many sayings about the importance of the band.  How the circle is unbroken, just as the couple’s love for each other will be.  How it can signify the vows and promises, uniting the two together.  Regardless of the specific meaning that the couple places on the wedding ring, there is no denying that the tradition of the wedding ring has been around for centuries.

Originally a European tradition, it has now carried itself all around the world.  There are even different forms of etiquette regarding the rings which vary from region to region and culture to culture.  A relatively new spin on the tradition of the wedding band, is the wedding band tattoo.  Unlike a ring formed of metal, a tattoo is a permanent reminder of the commitment one has for their partner.  We’ve all heard the superstition about getting a loved one’s name tattooed on their body is the kiss of death for a relationship, yet the myth doesn’t seem to apply to wedding ring tattoos.

The one thing that makes a tattoo ring much more significant than a traditional metal band is that the ring itself can be completely customized.  So while jewelers can be extremely creative in their designs, tattoos aren’t limited by the physical properties of metal, which means you can get some beautiful designs.  Take this design from Sailor Dani from Mutiny Tattoo.  It is an exquisite example of just how wonderful and joyous a wedding band tattoo can be.


Ok, so maybe that last paragraph was a little tongue-in-cheek, but you have to admit, you did giggle a little when you saw the tattoo.

Guess who got hitched?

IAM: Pincushion_Princess and IAM: Dominick269, that’s who!

They got married back in August and uploaded a couple of pictures from their wedding day a few days ago.  I don’t know the couple personally, but from the pictures it’s easy to see how much these two care about each other.  So from all of us at BME: Congratulations and we wish you all the best!


Over in the BME Culture gallery there are more images from the wedding, in addition to the ones they have on their IAM pages.

Congrats, Timothy and Elki!

After making such a sad post this morning, I felt obliged to offer up a much happier one this afternoon.

BME has been a meeting place for like minded individuals for a long time. Countless couples and families got their start as strangers behind a keyboard with a common love of body modification. In fact there is even a whole gallery dedicated to couples who have met through BME.

Today I found the wedding pics in the couples gallery from one such couple, Timothy and Elki.