The penguin flys on…

Currently modblog regular, Penguin Boy, his partner Baron Von Geiger (amazing earlobe weight lifter) and the rest of The Squidling Bros. are on tour with the Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow.

I don’t make it out to shows too much anymore, but this may be worthy of making an exception for. Hell, they are even performing with Hick’ry Hawkins, a cat I used to watch at local South Carolina venues a bunch back in the nineties.


For tour dates, keep on keeping on.


14 thoughts on “The penguin flys on…

  1. They just passed through Lexington, Ky and I got to catch them last Tuesday. Great show, great bands, great folks to have a drink with.

  2. Nice they are coming to the middle east in Boston. I will be able to watch for free, sweeeet!

  3. Gainesville, on August 5th? Hmm. I’ve never been to a sideshow before, I think it’s time to fix that.

  4. I wish I was in town for this! I could have sweet talked my derby league to make an appearance… but I’ll be across the state when they hit my area. :( Boo.

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