Never grocery shop hungry….

…and using that same reasoning, I should have known better than to search for modblog material on an empty stomach. Because now, thanks to Shannon, all I want is a big juicy hamburger. Oh well, it could be worse, I could have been looking through the subincisions and decided I wanted an overcooked hot dog.


Tattoo by Shannon Walsh of  Phoenix Ink Tattoo in Connecticut.

13 thoughts on “Never grocery shop hungry….

  1. Hey thats me! lol sorry to make you hungry.. n nah it waant shannon larratt that did the tattoo it was me :) yay~! I so still LOVE that tattoo.. thanks for the ups!

  2. What is that, a melting cheeseburger? Is that supposed to be “Dali-esque”, or just a poorly conceived tattoo?

  3. that mustard on the knee must have HURT. I love it.
    Now….. I need to hit up a Five Guys or In and Out…… too bad neither are remotely close to me, lol

  4. awesome. i’m not the only food tattooed person…i got a slice of pizza ,a tomato slice and grapes. kool hamburger!

  5. Christ, its good work. The guy that got it loves it and is very proud. Get over yourself.

  6. Hey guys – I’m glad that most of you like my knee. And Jen – you’re correct, the mustard hurt like hell!!! Hahaha. Please go check out Shannon Walsh at Phoenix Ink in Plantsville, CT; she does a great job (obviously).

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