Much ado about Mucha

Several months ago we featured a story of art thievery that happened to include a backpiece that included a very well done Mucha tattoo.

While browsing through the galleries last night I stumbled upon this image submitted by md373…

Mucha - The Blonde

I’d have to say, given the placement on the body, the artist did a great job manipulating a wide Mucha piece to fit on the recipient’s ribs.

You can see this image, as well as the step-by-step photos of the art being created in our tattoo galleries.

Also, if you have a story, image, or just something you think would be great to see on ModBlog, feel free to send an e-mail my way.

5 thoughts on “Much ado about Mucha

  1. not bad, would have been nice to have an un stretched and face on photo.
    the stretch takes away all the proper dimensions of the original. but other wise it looks great

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