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Rob is the news guy for Modblog. He's also Canadian. And has a beard.

Branching out

I’m almost at a loss for words when it comes to this scarification piece by Misty Forsberg (IAM: Southtownbaby).  Just over two years ago she was making her first trial cuts as a scarification artist, and now she’s putting out incredible pieces like this.  Here at ModBlog we’ve continually supported Misty’s work, and we’ll continue to do so as she’s constantly proving to everyone that with a blade in her hand, she’s a force to be reckoned with.  To be honest, if I didn’t know it was Misty that did this scar I could have easily guessed it could have been done by John Joyce, Brian Decker, Ron Garza, Wayde Dunn, or any of the other incredibly talented scarification artists out there.

The Friday Follow-up

I posted this fresh scar about 2 weeks ago, and Morbid from Street Tattoo in Warsaw was quick to send in a follow-up.  I’m not 100% sure of the time between each photo, but it looks to be a more then two weeks, although not much more.  In any case, it’s always nice to see how scars can change over the course of healing.  Hopefully he’ll send in some more photos further down the line.

They call her mom

We’ve seen IAM:Theycallmeanna here on ModBlog before for her scars, tattoos, and also as a BMEGirl.  Today we’re seeing a different side to her in a tender moment with her daughter Lola.

In case you haven’t seen it before, BME has an entire gallery dedicated to photos like this.  Just modified people spending time with family and friends with no emphasis on any specific modification.  If you’ve got some time this afternoon, take a look around the BME Culture gallery, or even better, send in your own photos to [email protected]

Not just another brick

Here’s something you don’t see every day from IAM: Beju.  Now I’m pretty certain the bricks are painted on, but the weaving over the eye is definitely real.  There’s a lot going on here, with the collar, the bricks and the threading, giving this photo a sort of ominous vibe, touching on institutionalization as well as confinement and religion.  Overall, it’s just a fantastic photo.

Can you see it?

The full body suit gallery was updated over the weekend to include this anonymous gentleman.  While I was admiring his commitment and the work of Jolene from Inkspired in Winsford, UK, something shiny caught my eye.  Can you spot it?

Granted it was harder to see them in the thumbnail.  Be sure to visit the galleries to see his entire suit, just click the picture of him below.