Thursday, I don’t care about you

Have you ever had a moment where life just is overwhelming.  No matter where you turn things just keep getting worse.

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives.  You can chalk it up to a string of bad luck, the universe is out to get you, or the consequences of whatever belief system you subscribe to.  No matter the reason, there comes a time where to some shutting down seems like the only option.  Think about it, you’ve lost your job, your partner has left you, bills are piling up, you don’t get along with your family, friends are nowhere to be found.  Any one of those things are hard to deal with, but imagine going through all of them at once.  At some point most people will hit a breaking point and just give up, welcoming whatever bad thing my be lurking around the next corner.

It’s in situations like this that whatever coping strategies we may have developed over the years can really help.  Especially in a situation where you have nobody to turn to but yourself.  Thankfully in today’s world there are people out there.  Strangers that will help you overcome your difficulties.  Except that these people cannot be proactive.  It would be a nigh impossible task to sit down and call everyone on the planet daily to check in on their well-being.  So the onus comes back on the person.  That first step that needs to be taken.  With the weight of the world on your shoulders, even making one step can seem impossible.  This is where looking inside can help.  You need to gather up whatever ounce of strength you have left, and force yourself to take that step, and realize that everything will be ok.


This image was uploaded anonymously, but if anyone knows who the arm belongs to, please send a name my way so I can give proper credit.

6 thoughts on “Thursday, I don’t care about you

  1. Coping strategies aren’t always healthy. Sometimes I feel depressed until I use binge/fasting cycles to cope. It isn’t exactly healthy.
    Plus, being Buddhist I have the belief that life is suffering. I’m too aware to think “everything will be ok” when it isn’t always going to be that way.

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