I like my coffee like I like my…

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So let me share a fun fact with you.  I have never had any form of caffeine in my system.  Ever.

It’s true, I’ve never had a cup of coffee, a sip of tea, or even a drink of cola.  It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you.  When I was teaching high school, there were days when I came close to cracking.  Granted there were also days that made me want to take up drinking booze too.

So why people drink coffee is a small puzzle to me.  I get that caffeine is a stimulant, and in the morning a shot of it can really get you going.  What I don’t understand is the motivation behind the first cup.  Do we as a society have a permanent need for it?  Have decades of conditioning by older generations taught us that we need caffeine to get moving in the morning?  Or has this all been a product of an overzealous marketing scheme that has worked so well people have a hard time considering cutting it from their routines?

Now coffee isn’t the only stimulant that we enjoy.  In fact, I’d wager to say that the modified community probably has more sources of stimulation that the rest of the world.  We’re in tune with our bodies, we know what we can and cannot do to stimulate ourselves (and I’m not talking about sex, although that is a factor to some).  Heck, for some the absence of stimulation can act as a stimulant to some.  So when we see people all over the world reaching for a pot of coffee in the morning, are they going for it because they’re addicted, or is it some primal urge for stimulation that humans possess, but most cannot express?  The modded community has learned a great deal about stimulation over the centuries, and can tap into that base need in many different ways, and can even express their desires openly.  Yet to the majority of people, those who haven’t tapped into a deeper form of self-awareness, is caffeine their way of coping?

I suppose this is all just food for thought.  Which I guess exposes where I get my stimulation from.  I don’t need caffeine because as long as my mind is active and engaged, I don’t need that extra boost.

The bottom line in all this is that no matter my thoughts towards caffeine, there are those out there that genuinely love the rush that it delivers.  I think it’s safe to assume that the submitter of this photo, Ouza, is one of the many who just loves the kick of a good cup of coffee.


So I heard you like your coffee crisp?  Am I wrong?  How do you like your coffee?  And if you’re not a coffee drinker, where do you get stimulation fix from?

29 thoughts on “I like my coffee like I like my…

  1. There’s caffeine in chocolate. So, unless you’ve never had a chocolate bar (which i can’t believe, though i can totally believe never having a coffee/tea/what have you), you *have* had caffeine in your system.

  2. have you ever had a cup of hot chocolate or any kind of chocolate? chocolate has caffein in it, too.

  3. Actually Gilly, most hot chocolate is actually cocoa which is naturally caffeine free. Me personally I drink coffee most morning and drink it with sugar. That is the only stimulant I have knowingly taken (caffeine). Other ways I used to get stimulation were sports and other activities.

  4. I definitely am going to fall under the vast minority by openly admitting I *hate* coffee – it just is foul as hell to my palate. :|

  5. i can stand coffee myself… if i have the urge for caffeine, i usually fill that craving with some good coca cola… if that doesn’t do it, nothing will…

  6. i am more of a slowed down kinda guy… i enjoy herbal stimulants alot more than the “i need to conduct my life at a 100 miles an hour” kinda stimulant…

  7. @Gilly: Never have had hot chocolate, and on the very rare occasion that I have a chocolate bar (we’re talking one every few months) it’s the watered down milk chocolate bars, which I don’t think have enough caffeine in them to make up a significant amount in my system.

  8. this is not molecul formula for coffee …….it is for something that some Swiss guy invent :D …..i think he`s name was Albert Hof……………..:D :D :D………I like that guy so much,,,,,,,,

  9. I have never really thought about coffee as a “stimulant”… I drink it mainly for the lovely taste, the “buzz” I get is rather small… I don’t really see what is the purpose of this article, maybe you get coffee too seriously because you never tried it.

  10. I drink coffee any way it comes, black, black with sugar, milk/cream, milk/cream and sugar. anything but flavored. And I drink it because I like the taste of it, not for the caffeine. Although at one point when I was younger I did in fact drink it for the caffeine I don’t really use anything specifically as a stimulant anymore. I prefer a nice few minutes outside to wake me up.

  11. I’m not sure about the hype about having a caffeine rush is all about…. I enjoy a good cuppa tea sitting in the hot sun, just to relax … very soothing. I have coffee once in a while, just for something different. As for keeping anyone up …. if I can’t sleep, I have a cuppa tea or coffee and within a minute or two I’m fast asleep.

  12. I’m English. I drink quite a lot of tea. For us, it is as much cultural as it is about the caffeine. In fact, the caffeine in tea doesn’t affect me at all. It’s a ritual. Everyone I know has a specific way they take their tea, and it’s as much a mark of knowing somebody that you remember how they take theirs. Perhaps more than that, it’s a social leveller. And we Brits sure love our social levellers.

  13. I can’t stand coffee, it tastes terrible and I’m not too keen on getting used to it. Now, if I put creamer in it, it’s not so bad – but that’s not coffee to me anymore.
    My body is extremely resistent to the effects of caffeine. I can drink something caffeinated right before bed and I’ll sleep like a baby.
    My morning beverage of choice is tea. I’m Russian, and Russians have an unhealthy love of tea, so it’s just a cultural thing. By no means do I NEED it in the morning… it’s just nice to have. I’m skinny and I live in the north, so most of the year, it’s too cold for me… that cup of tea in the morning helps me bear the cold outside when I first venture into it.

  14. I love the first cup…but about 4 hours after i get terrible anxiety.

    That being said, the 5 membered ring on the caffeine molecule isnt entirely correct…the two nitrogens are shown having 4 bonds each…instead of their normal three. (or just one N if you dont imply a hydrogen on the one not bonded to the CH3 (methyl) group
    The double ring structure (purine) is aromatic, so those double bonds can be shown as a dotted inner line…might wanna get that touched up.

    then again, im sure noone but chem geeks would notice or care

  15. 19. lol, I love breaking things down and thought similar things about it. Still loooks good and I doubt many will notice.

    I like my coffee all sweetened up with chocolate. like a mocha frap. Sometimes I like caramel though. Has to be iced. I can’t drink plain coffee, I just find it bitter and watery.
    My girlfriend can’t stand coffee at all, she says it tastes bitter. She’s a bit odd though, she doesn’t taste sour and stuff that is sour tastes sweet to her. Only the most vile sour stuff even gets her to say she can taste it a little. She once popped 5 sour warheads at once and didn’t react, her co-workers thought they got the wrong ones and each followed her lead and about fell over gagging.

  16. Trippin, I don’t like coffee either! The smell of it alone makes me feel sick!

    I get my “stimulation” from tea. I HAVE to have a mug in the morning before work, then normally drink 5-10 mugs of tea during the working day!! Addict? Me? never!

  17. I started drinking coffee because my dad drank it and I was 10 and he was cool so I wanted to be more like him…that’s it, that’s what got me started drinking coffee.

  18. I’ve been working in the specialty coffee industry for a little over four years now, and I’ve found that if people say they hate the taste of coffee, they just haven’t had GOOD coffee. Most people assume plain black coffee is supposed to be “strong” and bitter, that it’s supposed to need tons of sugar or cream just to cover up the burnt, carbon-y taste. It’s very sad. Good coffee, well-roasted coffee (not OVER roasted) from well-run fincas and coffee farms, can be sooooo delicious.

    Stop drinking Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and even most locally-run coffee shops that don’t know what they’re doing. Finding a great cup of coffee is tough, but not impossible.

    Ok. Sorry. Coffee geek over here.

  19. I like my coffee like i like my women….ground up and in the freezer! hahahahaha but seriously coffee is over rated it tastes gross and gives me the schmidts

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