It’s hot outside!

Oh hey! Just dropping in with a quick post to let you all know what a great time we’re having at Tattoo Hollywood! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come on out. We’re open tonight until midnight and Sunday from noon until 8pm. Check out the amazing artists, book an appointment to get some ink and say hi to friends!

These are a couple of photos that I took earlier, we’ll have a more official post with contest winners and lots more photos coming up.

Clark North

Clark North hard at work


Japan’s very own Horiren tattooing one of BME’s very own, Katie McShady

17 thoughts on “It’s hot outside!

  1. I feel like I should be angry at Katie, whom I’ve never met, over the fact that she has work done by some of the best artists in the business from all over the world.

  2. Is Clark north wearing an eye patch AND glasses? He should swap for a monocle and be the perfect evil genius!

  3. I wouldn’t think that depth perception would be too much of a problem when making a, relatively, flat image like a tattoo.

  4. a big name doesn´t protect you from crosscontamination…a cablecover would do….makes my sad (in fact its more angry than sad) to see (even “important”) people ignore that again and again and. A tattooartist is not only an artist, she/he is also somebody handling with the health of other people. Avoiding crosscontamination is a part of the job. If you don´t do it, you don´t do your job well..even if the piece you do is outstanding an makes a best of day…

  5. I agree whole heartedly with number 8. Every day that I look here I find myself saying ‘I can’t believe they’re posting this on ModBlog’, so I think I’ll just stop looking altogether.

  6. The writers getting defensive and/or trying to justify the posts in the comments and/or posts in the last 40 or so entries are really great and very ‘community’ oriented, too. BME is such a joke these days.

  7. @ n – Wait, are you ragging on Jen for her comment about Clark North? That’s not defending, that’s a straight truth. If you were to look at his site, you’d see that his eyepatch and glasses don’t hinder his ability to produce incredible works of art in the least.

  8. I am, personally, getting increasingly bewildered by people being so shocked when Modblog features events that are pertinent to the tattoo community or BME itself. BME is putting on this convention, are they not? Therefore its quite likely that they are going to promote awareness of it – hell, I’m Canadian so I’m not even remotely near to where their target audience is, but I still find it interesting to see peeks into these big conventions.

    If BME is to celebrate the modification community in itself, why should we (and by we I mean the staff of the site) separate out notable events? Are they not a pinnacle in the modification community (assuming the events are of quality) because it opens the community to a fresh influx of people?

    I say bring it on. We still get far more posts than event posts, and event posts are easily skipped by if it is seriously that problematic.

  9. its not only the lack of clip chord covers that freaks me out almost every time i see pictures of people tattooing, but for some reason 90% of artist dont cover their machines with baggies either, or wear lap cloths/aprons for their own protection. call me a germaphobe, but id rather have equipment and myself completely isolated from the tattooing as much as possible…

  10. yeah isnt it so bad, no covers, and what not, forget the fact their in a big dirty conventions hall, with 100s if not 1000′s of dirty people walking around……

    before you know, we’ll want to make sure BOTH sticks used for hand poking tattoos covered in bags, as all as the tattooists arms, legs and face mask..

    am i right in seeing (i only have the one good eye as well) that Clark North is using a pen to draw on somone? god i hope its single use, or that he covers it with a bag….

  11. Jaedyn – Thanks. Honestly I was completely shocked about the comments about Clark North. I guess the people making the comments have never heard of him but that wasn’t me being defensive at all. Shocked, yes, not defensive. I didn’t get tattooed by him but he’s a really nice, friendly guy who does amazing work and is well known for the quality of work he produces.

    Can’t please them all, obviously, but I won’t deny my utter shock at those comments. I think mainly I was shocked because the posters don’t seem to know who he is and also are jumping to a conclusion based on his appearance rather than actually having a look at his work and making a basis from that. I guess maybe it just goes to show that not as many people are aware of who some of the great artists are out there and maybe that’s something we should rectify here on ModBlog.

    gandy – I’m sitting in an airport and I laughed out loud at your comment about covering the pen with a bag.

    Horiren only used one stick when she was hand tattooing me and she gave it to me afterward. Very awesome.

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