BME Event in So Cal!

Hey folks, are you in Southern California? The 16th Annual So Cal BME/IAM BBQ is taking place on Saturday, August 6th, 2016, hosted by our friends David and Tiffany. Check out their Facebook event page for more information!


And, if you go, don’t forget to take photos and submit them to BME!

(Click the photo to go to the Facebook page.)

SOCAL BBQ Time. Saturday August 3rd!

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Part of the early success of BME certainly came from the sense of community that came out of BME BBQs where people could connect in person and put faces to online handles. The longest running event is the SOCAL BBQ, which will celebrate it’s 13th anniversary this coming weekend in San Diego, CA.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend, but we’re hoping to get lots of great pictures from our friends that do.

If you’re in Southern California, or willing to travel for a really fun laid back event… here’s the Facebook RSVP:

Sign up and go meet some new friends, revisit some old ones and have fun!

SPC: APP2013 and the Best of Intentions

You know what they say about the road to hell.
I had planned to ‘cover’ APP for you folks who couldn’t attend. Photos, video interviews and live updates from the Conference and Expo floor. Then I got to Vegas, found my luggage literally saturated with water (SWA Baggage Handler left it out in a rainstorm) and got to the hotel already feeling a summer cold taking hold of me…

My APP experience this year was NOT ideal, Modblog Readers.
That said- it was one of the best Conferences I’ve attended. For some, it’s a yearly Bacchanal; a chance to leave the studio and real life behind for a week, stay up till dawn drinking (and then some) and debauching and oh yeah, maybe buy some jewelry and take a few of the classes we paid for. But this year saw a large upswing in first time attendees, with classes packed with people who saved all year to attend and to improve their craft. The vibe, if you will, was much different than I expected.
matteapp001 copyThis year I found myself getting up at 6:45am (which was roughly when I used to ‘call it a night’ in previous years) to join the rest of the early risers who agreed to join my running group, taking a two mile jog down the Las Vegas strip instead of seeing how much we could drink and still maintain the appearance of sobriety. Instead of heading out to the shooting range I found myself in Paul King’s class “The Grieving Body- Does Body Modification Injure or Heal the Psyche” which for my money was his best to date, taking notes and being humbled by Paul and Kendra’s research and commitment to our community.
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The Locust

Knees_01 001

The body modification world (and IAM Community) lost one of it’s most memorable characters on 22nd March 2011 when Adam Aries- better known as Zidney Fiendish, passed away at the age of 29. His death caused a crushing blow to the people who’s lives he touched; as a piercer at Pino Bro’s tattooing, an integral member of the RITES OF PASSAGE suspension group, security at the Middle East club and freelance DJ/VJ, Adam had a tangible presence in multiple communities and subcultures, and we all felt a communal sense that a truly bright light had left us.

Atom Moore- a talented photographer (who documented two Scarwars events among other much more ambitious projects) and close friend of Zid’s spent the better part of a decade documenting their friendship; Atom found a muse in Zid who always provided more than expected when a camera was around.

The best images from their friendship and collaborations will be featured in a solo show starting July 7th  at NYC’s Sacred Gallery from 8-11pm. The gallery is located at 424 Broadway on the second floor, just up from Canal Street.

Even if you never had the pleasure of meeting Zid (and the stories I could tell you…) this solo show from Moore promises to be an emotional and highly stylized documentation of friends that became family through blood, sweat and tears.

SPC: APP 2013 Roll call!


Hey Folks!
I’ll be heading out early Monday morning for the annual APP Conference in sunny Las Vegas Nevada!

Conference is always a good time; learning, checking out new jewelry from our favorite companies, lazing in the sun and meeting up every night at the ‘splash bar’..  this year I’m going to be covering it live for you good folks who read modblog with ‘instant updates’ as well as shooting video interviews with anyone who’d like to sit down and talk.

So if you’re going to be in Vegas, look me up and you could end up here on Modblog!


Stay Calm


On April 27th, in Philadelphia, there will be a gathering to celebrate Shannon’s life and the friendships he helped to foster.  To read more about the event, please visit this blog.  Below is an excerpt from the site about the event:

The weekend will have something for everyone, reminiscent of BME BBQs of the past. There’ll be time at the park, private suspensions, a party/fundraiser at a bar and the eventual hotel shenanigans that IAM events made famous.

We’ve worked out a special group rate at the LOWES Philadelphia (update: SOLD OUT! We’re working on a second block at another local hotel so please stay in touch if you’re in need of accommodations) and are working on other perks. Checking back here or the Facebook event listing will be your best way to keep up with the latest news.

If you know of any other gatherings taking place please feel free to post about them in the comments below.

We just wanted to say thank you, again, for the love and support the community has shown all of us here at BME.  If you’re going to an event please do take pictures and share them with BME, we would love to see them, especially those of us who live too far away to attend anything.

Oslo SusCon 2012

It’s Oslo SusCon time again and it’s already Sunday, the last day: we probably do not have to tell you much about the Oslo Body-Suspension Convention held by Wings of Desire, it has been featured on BME so often! It is a great event as always, but there is something new this year. For all those unfortunate suspension lovers who are not able to go to Oslo there is a constant live video feed from the venue:

some pictures from fridays suspensions

some pictures from Friday's suspensions

For more pictures you can go to the WoD Gallery, it is frequently updated!

We’re doing it again!! BME NYE 2012!!

Back by popular demand is the BME New Year’s Eve Party!!!  As the weeks progress I’ll be able to share more and more information, but for now, here’s the stuff you need to know..

When: New Year’s Eve

Where:  BME HQ – Located close to King’s Dominion in Virginia (Outside Richmond)

Now, for those of you making the drive down here’s some things to know.  Camping is allowed on the property, however keep in mind it’ll be December 31st so bring a warm sleeping bag.  For those not interested in camping, simply look up any of the hotels near King’s Dominion and make a reservation.  Like other BME Events at BME HQ some food will be provided, although it will just be the basics, burgers, dogs, and soda.  If you want/need anything specific, feel free to bring it with you, and if you want, bring extra to share.

I’ll have more to share as the planning goes into full effect, but for now here’s a short video from last year’s party.

Please note:  Jumping into, through, or around the fire is strictly prohibited.  Which means I will NOT be doing a repeat of last year’s incident.

We’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as any new ones, so mark off your calendar and make your reservations today!

The BMEShop is having a sale right now!


Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Event: Author and photographer Ina Saltz in NYC

I just received the following press release and I’m passing it along to you fair readers.  Should you  be in New York City, you may want to check this out.  Please feel free to write in with any photos and your impressions of the event if you do check it out.

Ina Saltz on Tattoos, Flash Art, Intellectual Property Rights, and Insights Into the Art of Tattoos

Join author and photographer INA SALTZ for a behind-the-scenes look into the ever-expanding world of typographic or intellectual tattoos (including a sneak peek at images Ina is collecting for BODY TYPE 3!). Amazing photographs of those who have chosen to represent their deepest feelings with the indelible permanence of ink embedded under their skin will be shown, and the powerful stories behind the tattoos will be told. Ina has been documenting typographic tattoos since 2003, when she first spotted a tattoo of the word happy in lowercase, 120-point Helvetica on a graphic designer while traveling on a cross-town bus in New York City.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Pratt Institute Manhattan
144 W. 14th Street, Room 213
New York City
Between 6th and 7th Avenues

Sponsored by Graphic Artists Guild NY Chapter.

$20 members, $30 non-members, $10 student/senior members, $15 non-member students and seniors. Free to Pratt students, faculty & staff.

For more information on Ina, visit:

To register, or for more information about this event, visit:

or Graphic Artists Guild NY Chapter:

BMEFest 2011 – All you need to know!

So the weekend is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “self, what am I going to need to bring to BMEFest 2011?”  Well think no more as this post should hopefully answer all your questions!

First thing’s first.  The party is from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Now seeing as how it’s taking place in Virginia, just North East of Richmond, it’s going to be HOT.  That means you’ll need to bring:


We’ll probably be spending most of the weekend either in the pool or on a slip’n'slide, so make sure you come prepared.  To help people cool off, we’ll have a Sno-Cone machine handy!

Now, because there is a lot of space available for camping, we’re expecting quite a few people to pitch some tents.  Obviously if you’re camping you’ll need to bring your own toiletries.  The plan is to get an outdoor shower set up, so you can keep yourself clean.

We all have to eat, and Rachel is going to be picking up the basics, burgers (beef, veg, and chicken), eggs and bacon (real and fake), salads (greens, pasta, and potato) and some veggies (corn on the cob, etc).  Drinks will also be there, but again, it’ll be limited to soda and water.  For the bonfire we’ll have smores!  If you’re 21+ you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol, but no sharing with the minors! Now this probably won’t be enough to feed everyone, so if you have suggestions on food that we should pick up, let us know now!  You’re also more than welcome to bring extra food along to share.  For the vegans, we’ll have separate grills, but we also need some suggestions on vegan friendly BBQ foods.

For those of you who are attached to electricity for some odd reason, power will be available for those camping.  There is also very limited internet available, but it has a daily cap on bandwidth, so only use it for emergencies.  Besides, we’re all going to be there, so there’s no need to check IAM for messages.

Weather wise, Virginia is hot and humid.  It’s also a little unpredictable.  Rachel was telling me earlier in the week that one afternoon it was 95 and humid one minute, then pouring rain the next.  So again, be prepared for anything!

The actual address will be sent out later in the week to all those who have RSVP’d on the event page.  If you’ve had a problem signing up, it will also be posted on the event page on Friday.  For those trying to sign up but are having problems, newer browsers aren’t liking the old IAM code, however, Internet Explorer and Safari do seem to be working.

I’ll be keeping this post near the top of ModBlog for the rest of the week, so feel free to use the comment section as a way to post questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to use the event forum as well.  There are a few people offering rides and others in need of rides for the weekend.

Don’t wait!  Sign up for BMEFest 2011 right now!!