The Boy with Nails in His Eyes

The Boy with Nails in his Eyes
put up his aluminium tree.
It looked pretty strange
because he couldn’t really see.

–Tim Burton – “The Boy with Nails in His Eyes”

If you’re not familiar with Tim Burton’s book “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories”, I’d recommend going out to a bookstore to pick it up.  It’s a short collection of poems written by Tim himself back in 1997 with the illustrations done by him as well.  As you can see, The Boy with Nails in His Eyes was the image used for the top half of the tattoo pictured below, as for the bottom half, you can see what I believe is the top of The Pin Cushion Queen’s head on the left, but I’m at a loss as to where the images on the lower right are from.  I’m sure a more astute Tim Burton fan can fill us in.  The only information I have on the image is that it was uploaded anonymously with the title “Droogie“.  So please, when you’re uploading an image, remember to add some details so I can give proper credit if I post it.

tim burton

8 thoughts on “The Boy with Nails in His Eyes

  1. Im pretty sure the thing on the wall is from Tim Burton’s short film Frankenweenie. The boy brings his dead dog back to life with electricity. Who else went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA?? Amazing.

  2. The house/room/hallway on the right side of the image is a basic image used in most of Tim Burton’s work, illustrating crooked doors and checkered floors, however the ghost dog shown on the wall is Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas

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