What are girls made of?

Sugar and spice and everything nice?  That might apply to some girls, but definitely not every girl.

These hand tattoos show that while these girls may be made of sugar skulls, and they certainly have a bit of spice in them, I doubt they’d be up for having a tea party with the other nice girls.

sugar skulls

Jason Chappel sent in these sugar skull hand tattoos over the weekend, and with the Day of the Dead a little over a month away, it’s always good to plan ahead.  There are a few closeup images of each hand individually over in the hand tattoo gallery, if you feel like getting a closer look.

Of course not everyone celebrates the Day of the Dead, but a large portion of people in North America do celebrate Halloween which comes a couple days beforehand.  Which begs the question, do you have any plans made for either day yet?  Got your costume picked out?

8 thoughts on “What are girls made of?

  1. Man, can you really not see the difference between tattoos that are well done, and chewed shit?
    Nearly every piece that gets posted on here is the quality you’d expect from someone tattooing out of their kitchen. Bleurgh.

  2. Agreed. These look like poor attempts at mimicking Joe Capobiancos style.
    Key area of a boo-boo: Sugar skull nose on left hand. D’oh!

  3. Sadly agree with #1. I like the colors but the drawing isn’t so good. I do believe that art is subjective but this could have been so much better with someone who knew how to draw.

  4. Not gonna lie, the guy that did these is a really bad artist. He works for a sketched out shit shop in downtown London, Ontario. The place is sketchy and fairly gross, pierces and tattoo’s without asking your age. Was only a minor walking into the place with my friends and walked out with a piercing, very illegal.

    Not only that but they gave me the most fucked up tongue piercing ever, so crooked the swelling grew over the barbell. Not that this has anything to do with the artist, just shows the quality of the place he works at.

    Kinda funny I know the man who owns these tattoo’s and the man who did them.

  5. That seems harsh what I wrote, he’s not a bad artist, some of his art isn’t fairly bad, he definitely doesn’t have the best quality and i’ve seen much better in the city.

    Sorry folks.

  6. have gotten work from jason a few times, this looks pretty typical of his stuff. the funny thing is brendan sept 13 says ” the quality you’d expect from someone tattooing out of their kitchen ” ….he DOES tattoo out of his kitchen ! lol id go to him if i wanted dirt cheap lettering or a basic black and grey, anything more will come out slightly prison-esque. ; )

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