Points of Symmetry

Symmetry gets mentioned often with relation to modifications.  I’ve seen countless comments on ModBlog praising a person whose facial piercings are matched up perfectly.  A while back The Discovery Channel did a documentary on sex appeal, where it was mentioned that people find others more attractive the more symmetrical their faces are.  I believe there was a BBC documentary on something similar as well.

The point of all this is to look at why the same trends towards physical beauty carry over into the modified community.  Is it just that we’re programmed genetically to see something symmetrical as aesthetically pleasing, or is it a conscious choice on our part.  Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, as there are a great many people who find things that are asymmetrical much more appealing.

Take this play piercing session as an example.  IAM: oOunbekanntOo submitted this image of his first ever play piercing session to BME’s play piercing gallery.


Given that the design was intended to be symmetrical, do you think you would feel differently about it if it were an asymmetrical design?  In the lower right hand corner you can see a couple of needles have shifted direction (probably when he stood up).  Is your eye drawn to this point because of the flaw in the symmetry, or does the overall image supersede an unintentional shift?

What about those who prefer asymmetrical designs, is there anything you would prefer to see different about the design, or should this session just be viewed for what it is; a great play piercing session that a member of the community shared with us.

2 thoughts on “Points of Symmetry

  1. I can’t see anything as symmetrical if it’s not ALL symmetrical.
    My eyes were drawn to the imperfection. It’s still really cool… The thing that throws it off the most for me are the pants! Ha!!

  2. I noticed the flaw right away, but this piece looks better if you focus on the negative space (the skin being pierced not the needles) The lines of skin are still mostly straight.

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