Simplicity in the eyes

The traditional view of the third eye is that it is a key point in spirituality.  Cultures all over the world have stories and beliefs all tied to the third or inner eye.  In the western world, the most common interpretation comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, in which the eye is represented by a mark on the center of the forehead.  With the onset of microdermal piercings, many people have been able to move beyond the painted mark, and are now using the jewelry as a more permanent symbol of their spiritual ties.

IAM: dogs of war had her forehead microdermals put in a while ago by IAM: Six from Toronto.  Below you can see them fully healed up, but more than just that, you can really get a sense of the meaning of the third eye.


So as Dogs of war looks off into the distance, her third eye is open and is viewing everything around her, giving her insight beyond what her eyes can see.

This image came from the microdermal gallery, where there are other images of the third eye placed into people.

12 thoughts on “Simplicity in the eyes

  1. and a very accurate description of why I had them done, thank you for including information on the third eye!

  2. I love dermals, but I get concerned about the scarring if they ‘grow out’, which I’ve heard a few people’s have. I do love the third eye dermals on her, and on kier (I probably spelt her name wrong).

  3. I like how they are placed symmetrically, some people tend to do a bit down which would make a vertical bridge. I personally prefer 3rd eye..
    Beautiful jewelry.

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