Remember when 80′s hair bands toured the world to spread glam and STD’s….

……this is like that, except  less glamorous, and without the disease transmission.

Ron Garza, as I have mentioned in previous post, LIVES body modification. He often travels the world to personally experience  the other cultures rituals and body modification practices. Currently though, he is out on tour not to experience things for himself but to help others have their own experiences and to spread his knowledge.


Ron has 2 days still open in Prague and  some appts. left in Croatia also, where he will be teaching as well.
He will also be teaching in Mexcio city APP also and taking scar appointments in Mexico City as well. If your in any of these areas and want to take some of his classes, get cut or just shoot the shit with a guy who lives for body modification, definitely hit him up.

3 thoughts on “Remember when 80′s hair bands toured the world to spread glam and STD’s….

  1. This is a dumb question. How much doues cutting hurt, What kind of sensation do you feel. Pain, burning, endorphins? Im turning 40 in 4 months and want to commemorate it with a specialmod. This sounds like a very good one.

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