Another way to improve upon a not so nice tattoo

So you  have a tattoo, conceptually you like it, but the execution wasn’t so great. Like this camera tattoo, the lines are blown out and the design was done way to small, but it’s still a camera and it still expresses it’s wearers love of photography.

So what can be done about a tattoo like this? You could have it covered, but the coverup would likely be far larger than what you wanted. You could laser it off……or you could accentuate it with a microdermal, such as this young lady had Mike Knight do for her.


I think this beautiful princess cut stone  threaded end from Anatometal, definitely adds some much needed pizzaz to this otherwise underwhelming tattoo.

13 thoughts on “Another way to improve upon a not so nice tattoo

  1. I would never want to draw more attention to a tattoo that I thought was subpar. Besides, that’s like trying to shine a turd.

  2. i agree with ralex, i often roll my poo in meny different colour gliters 😀

    whats the deal with people hating on this tattoo? ive seen it posted else where all with people shit talking it, is it the best? no, but its a fairly tiny tattoo, and we dont know how old it is.

    sometimes people need to stop being so anal about whats on other peoples bodys and just enjoy something for what it is

  3. I think it’s cool. Sure it’s not a great tattoo, but like they say, never trust someone without at least one tattoo that they don’t love aye 😉

  4. Since when does the person who posts the entry on Modblog put a bad spin on a tattoo? I mean the title includes “a not so nice tattoo”. Yes, it may not be the nicest. Yes, it may have blow outs. No, the BME staff shouldn’t post something while saying what’s wrong with it unless it’s a wreckless modification, maybe a picture of someone piercing a tongue from the top with no gloves, a cigarette in mouth, and maybe a cat on the lap.
    In the past you guys have posted many things that weren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing, or well executed, but you normally don’t take the moment to slam the person. Why not post some BMEgirls or guys and say “this guy is kind of chubby and has a snub nose but at least he improved upon a not so nice figure with his tattoos” or feature a girl with nipple piercings and say “a way to improve on a not so nice pair of boobs”.

  5. Considering the entire tattoo has the same line work and texture to it I feel it could even have been done that way on purpose. It’s not my preferred style, but the consistency of it as a whole appeals to me more than seeing a tattoo that is highly detailed on 90% and then has a huge blown line.

  6. I like it, it adds style. It kind of makes the camera look a little more “I meant it to be that way”.

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