6 pictures worth 6 thousand words

A friend of mine sent me these procedural pics of a subdermal implant he did. He prefers to remain anonymous, which for procedures of questionable legality, such as subdermal implants, I whole heartedly recommend.

These pictures do a great job of showing the procedure step by step, from the marking to the suturing and each step in between. Procedural pics are a great way to see the actual procedure that was done to you as well as to share the steps with people who may be interested in the same mod. So next time you are getting a mod, whether it be subdermal implants or a simple piercing ask the artist if he/she minds photos being taken and if they are cool with it have a friend document the experience. Of course, submitting these pics to BME to share with the community would be a great next step!


To see all six procedural pictures in order, keep on keeping on.







14 thoughts on “6 pictures worth 6 thousand words

  1. Thank you for sharing these pics with us! You usually only see the end result of such mods.
    What i don’t truely understand though is the legality side of things.
    So it is legal for people to get cosmetic proceedures such as breast, cheek, bicep, and ass implants but it’s not legal to get something like this done? Or is it the legality of who is allowed to use such medical equipment such as scalpels etc?
    Over here scalpels are readily available in the chemist (drug store). So theoretically if i had the equipment, would i be breaking the law if i did such a proceedure on myself?

  2. i’m just kidding. i don’t know nor do i care to. i just thought this person has a bunch of other work published on mod blog that was done by mike, therefore…

  3. PiercedEm: It varies state by state, province by province, country by country and what not. In some states in the US, scarification and dermal punches are illegal.
    If you did the procedure on yourself and somehow landed in the emergency room, they may be curious or they may want to throw you in the psych ward for a few days, or they’ll treat and release. It all really depends, its a procedure thats kind of on the border of many things and the biggest answer I can give is “It depends”.

  4. despite who has done the previous work that has been featured… its alot easier to claim innocence with a picture of healed work.. than it is with in the act pictures

  5. Wow, first time I see that stitches are not simple. Any particular reason to put other stitches which are not simple??

    Phil: I see a heart in the pic number 5

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