A night on the town

When getting ready to head out for an evening of fun with some friends, there are a few things a person needs to do to get ready.  Shower, pick out clothes, possibly put on makeup, get a corset piercing, make sure your accessories match, etc.  While some people may not include one or two of these examples, it seems these ladies have made sure to include “get a corset” on their list of things to do.


For some reason, when I see this picture, all I can think about is what the reactions of my classmates would have been if my date showed up for prom with a corset.  Granted back then, a lot of people would have had no clue what they were looking at.  The same could be said for a lot of the newer styles of modifications.  So while back then this would have been shocking, today it may only turn some heads.  Does this mean that the mainstream world is becoming more accepting?

IAM:Candace posed this question on her blog today, “Do you think heavier mods (implants, removals, scarification, etc) will ever be accepted among society? Why?”  If history is any indicator, there may come a day when what we consider heavy today, becomes something as normal as a stretched septum or lobe.  What are your thoughts on this?  Are we headed down the road towards the mainstream, or will the modified community continue to skirt the fringes of “normalcy”.

A big thank you to BME user ajulietgrey for sharing this picture with us.  There are several more images of these corseted ladies up in the corset piercing gallery.

11 thoughts on “A night on the town

  1. when i started piercing stretched lobes were considered ‘Extreme’
    and eyebrows were considered ‘surface’ and ‘impossible to make last’

    life is change

  2. i dont know where you people live where a corset piercing would only turn a few heads and noone would even bat an eyelash at a stretched septum..

  3. I’m with ayyo. Anything except for the normal lobe/cartilage piercing at least raises some eyebrows where I am. I plan on wearing a corset piercing to prom anyway. :) (Well… If I have the money to do it)

  4. When I got my first microdermal, a lot of people were quite shocked by it, and asked how it worked as they’d never seen one before.. After starting a new job, I was quite surprised that quite a lot of very ordinary, mainstream girls understood what my arm microdermal was and also knew friends who had one. The only piercing I really have now which people are surprised about is my tongue web as not many people have seen it done before. Also in the new workplace, noticing a lot of ‘mainsteam’ looking girls with visible neck and hand tattoos. Usually script or tribal but it’s good to see my workplace accept it!

    My boyf has a split tongue and that does get some reactions, although most people are just very interested and want to ask questions. When he had it done I imagined some people would not associate with him or assume he was mentally unstable because of it but the main reaction has been curiosity!

  5. I’ve been dying for a corset piercing, theyre so beautiful. And the one in the middle is absolutely SICK.

  6. Its really weird going from the outskirts of D.C where people will just look at the lobes or actually ask you about them to Baltimore where it seems less people have been exposed to it and give nasty looks. Maybe its just Baltimore….>.>

  7. Credit for the corset piercings belong to Kristin Young, of Black Rose Tattooers in Tucson, AZ. The corsets were done as part of an advertising push for the shop Kristin and I (girl in the green) use to work for. Granted, Rachel (lady in the middle) went through a tough time with the piercing next to her pits, as well as the lacing.

  8. This is so awesome! I know both of the ladies standing on the left and right, Gail and Brittney! So awesome ladies! :)

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