Here’s something a bit different

Now here’s something you don’t see every day, it’s a vertical piercing from inside the upper lip to the inside of the nostril. It’s like a reverse vertical lowbret… that would be a “Nick piercing“, but what would we call this? I do feel like I have seen this piercing done at least once before, but I couldn’t seem to find it on BME.



As a piercer I can’t say I am a big fan of this type of piercing and I certainly can’t recommend people getting or doing these. However, as a blogger I can’t help but appreciate the rarity of this sort of piercing, which is why I feel obliged to share it here.

19 thoughts on “Here’s something a bit different

  1. Ain’t that called “high breathe”? I’ve seen that too before, some guy with this piercing called it high breathe.

  2. I do believe i have seen the same piercing also but it was a pair of them. I think that the pic is in an article somewhere in the Wiki section of BME or somewhere in the piercing photos section.
    Either way it is something quite different and unusual.
    I’ll get the link if i can find the pic anywhere.

  3. I am pretty sure i was the first person to do one of these (well i did a pair). I did them back in 2000 on a close friend. They were in the nose related section of bme but i have looked since the big change.

    He kept them for just shy of a year and they healed very well. There should be healed pics up on bme from 2001.

  4. @ Dan, that would be where i have seen the pic then :)
    I can’t find it now but it should be in the nose related piercing section i think.
    Try to find it and put up the link.

  5. @ Dan there are also pics in your facebook, just had a sticky beak and they are the same pics i have seen on here!

  6. @em you are quite the quick little internet wizard!

    there are some of them on my facebook. I dont know if there are some on my website anymore i had issues with the gallery so i havent updated it in a while. I can re-submit the pics but if they are still up theres not really a point.

  7. @ Dan, Thanks, i try to be quick. Just been on some piercing pages on fb telling people off for telling people to pierce their lip with a kilt pin!
    I am pretty sure i saw them this year on the new site. I don’t have a paid subscription yet and last time i tried to upload a pic i never got a response from BME because it was during the change over and i haven’t gotten around to submitting again so i can only see 3 pages of pics and it’s not in those 3 pages.
    If you re-submit them, Sean or Rob may do an article about you like they have for this pic telling everyone about the double O2N (oral to nasal) piercings you did back then :)
    I added you as a friend on fb too :)

  8. @PiercedEm: You don’t need a paid subscription to browse the regular piercing galleries. Just make sure you’re logged into your BME account and you should have full access.

    Also, if you’re having any problems with submitting images, contact [email protected].

  9. I seem to remember Modblog (or the comments) calling the similar picture an antennae piercing.. or something
    But I can’t find it either >.<

  10. I just love that my “Nick piercing” has been mentioned on mogblog like.. 3? times in recent history.

    Yay for my 15 minutes :)

    I would also be interested to see a picture of OP’s piercing healed.

  11. Woah thats intense. I can’t for the life of me imagine what it feels like to get that pierced! Just pinching my fingers together at where the piercing needle would have to go makes me feel like fainting.

  12. yeah, that link, Steve, got that done a few years ago. no idea if he was the first, but he was the first person i had seen with it anyways. i wonder how he is these days, he hasnt been on IAM in quite a while…

  13. I definitely fantasize about this piercing all the time, but I pictured it being a bit further forward in the nose.

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