It’s your birthday!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish Rob a very happy birthday!  Rob has been a big help since he took over writing the bulk of the ModBlog posts and he’s handled the slings and arrows of the job with grace and class.  Have a great day Rob and thanks for all the help!


29 thoughts on “It’s your birthday!

  1. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

    Special thanks to Jen for making the post, and Sean for trying but not being able to because he was too drunk.

  2. A late congratulation from me, live long and prosper / may the force be with you. You beutiful beast.

  3. happy birthday, dude!
    wish ya to continue making us glad of nice photos and interesting news at modblog :)

  4. I have been in thumbnail-lust for months, and now it is confirmed, total mancrush. Yum/woof/whistle/etc. :)

  5. that one brilliant looking beard, happy birthday rob you’ve done an amazing job posting blogs from the get-go keep it up. your awesome.

  6. Happy bday!!

    someone gift him an English for bloggers manual ;)

    I half kidding…i do always enjoy your posts Rob!

    how old?

  7. i hope there is just a wrinkle in that shirt because it would really suck if it said “ceci est pas une pipe” rather than “n’est”

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