Portrait Nouveau

This art-nouveau theme portrait was sent in by BME user 8qak-gracetaylo.  I would love to be able to give proper credit to the artist, unfortunately the information wasn’t provided with the image.  Please remember, when you submit your photos to BME to take a moment to fill in the all the boxes provided.  That way if your photo is featured on ModBlog everyone involved can get credit.

But enough about that, lets take a look at the portrait.


From the description provided this is a portrait of the owner’s mother, with Art Nouveau elements surrounding it.  If you head over to the portrait gallery, you can see the portrait from another angle.  This side of the arm has the butterflies created using shading, the other side has them created from negative space.

UPDATE:  The owner of the arm is Grace Taylor, and the artwork was done by Marcus Maguire from Custom Tattoo Inc. in Glasgow, Scotland.

3 thoughts on “Portrait Nouveau

  1. The portrait is fantastic. I’d really like to know the artist. Also I’d like to see the original photograph. They’ve captured such a timeless expression on a very characterized(?) face.

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