The Rocketeer

Space, the final frontier.  At some point in time in our lives we dream of the stars.  Whether it is to find meaning in their patters, or to look for life beyond this world, or simply out of a childhood love of wanting to soar through space.  Of course, the reality is, not too many of us will be able to fly in outer space, our children maybe, but not us.  Around the world private firms are racing to create commercial space flight vehicles, to cater to the insanely rich who get to live out their dreams.  Yet from every design I’ve seen, not a single one is as cool as this rocket.


The rocketeer responsible for this retro-inspired rocket is none other than Alie K (IAM: Alouicious).  Alie recently submitted a number of her works to the galleries, so if you get a chance, head on over and check them out.  This rocket in particular came from the old school tattoo gallery.

6 thoughts on “The Rocketeer

  1. Looks good at first glance, but when I look closer I see how some things are unevenly spaced, the lines aren’t as straight as I’d like, not perfectly symmetrical. But that could be the OCD speaking too. 😛

  2. I loved the story, and I love rockets and space. It was my dream to go to school for astrophysics and still plan to someday. Love the idea and originality!

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