With Christmas only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved ones.  Now when it comes to buying a gift for people, sometimes you can get stumped for ideas.  When that happens, most people just get something that doesn’t require much thought, like a gift card.  If a gift card isn’t your thing, you could always go simple and get your loved one a tie.  Even if they don’t wear a tie every day to work, there is bound to be some kind of occasion that necessitates wearing a tie, so giving one as a gift is always a safe bet.  The only way getting someone a tie could possibly go wrong is if they’re someone who found a way to never need a new tie ever again.

So, any ideas on what to get this young man for the holidays?

As for the tattoo, Ross Lloyd from Genx Tattoo in Cleveland sent in the photo along with a number of other pictures of his work.  This one in particular came from the geek tattoo gallery.

9 thoughts on “Tie-dyed

  1. Wow. what happened to the ‘my body my choice, if you can’t say anything nice dont say it at all, flame anyone who’s opinion is different than yours’ mentality? People will lop off fingers and slice their nutsacks in half and anyone that comments about needing psychiatric help will get flamed, but someone gets a tattoo of a necktie and everyone calls it dumb. Doublestandards much? Whether you see the humor or not, at least its a well done tattoo. Christ.

  2. couldve been alright if it was designed better but yeah, i can just imagine getting naked with this boy and then thinking..”WHAT IS THAT?”

  3. I can remember a post on here with a guy getting a bow tie and everybody loved it, but I guess this is to corporate 😛 Don’t like it either but just because of the style and placement.

  4. I’m all for people getting the tattoos they want and to hell with everyone’s opinion,

    and I’m certainly not one of the what will that look like when he’s older brigade,

    that said, this is a stupid stupid tattoo that I guarantee he will hate pretty fucking soon

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