Howl at the moon

Today’s final Halloween inspired post is again brought to you by Jamie Henderson from Forsaken Ink in Bloomingburg, NY.

Of all the Universal monsters, I’d have to say the Wolfman is probably my favorite.  Simply because before Lon Chaney Jr. donned the costume, there were only a handful of werewolf films made.  Following the film The Wolfman, the genre exploded, and kids were given the idea for a Halloween costume that is still popular to this day.

Come Monday morning, Halloween will be over, but that doesn’t mean the pictures will stop.  Remember to break out those cameras and send in your pictures.  The only thing better than costumed people, is modified costumed people.

One thought on “Howl at the moon

  1. cool tattoo i have a wolfman tattoo myself but the Lon Chaney Jr one I was the wolfman every Halloween

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