The inner eye at rest

Taking a look at how relaxed ThunderKat79 looks in this photo, its hard to believe that she just had her inner eye microdermal put in.  Looking at the second photo and seeing how she positioned the piercing to become part of her OM symbol, makes me believe that she was probably meditating the entire time it was being done.  With meditation, one can reach a type of clarity of the mind, opening up their inner eye to take in all the world around them.  To a lot of people piercings can help them achieve this state, as we see with many play piercing sessions.  The ties between spirituality and modifications run deep in many cultures around the world, and the two have been linked together since the earliest recorded histories.  So in today’s modern world, it isn’t surprising at all to see the practices linked in this way, as it reaffirms just how much a role modification plays in the lives of the people in the modified community.

No matter what her reasons for getting the piercing is, we can all agree that she looks very happy with the results, and that’s really what matters most.

12 thoughts on “The inner eye at rest

  1. I lover how her face tattoos are like a collection of just random things, a muffin, a tooth, some bones, a snail! Does these things have a meaning for her or are they just as random as they seem? 😀 Ohm, some texts… Its like her face is a graffitti wall where people have just scribble whatever came to their mind. Love it! 😀

  2. Hi Isa *waves and smiles*

    Thank you, all of the different things tattooed on my face have significant and great meaning to me …I am just happy you enjoy my “random” but not really tattoos …I hope this finds you Really great :]

  3. While I personally don’t usually find this type of random facial tattooing to be attractive, and I admit that I feel that way because in my head I associate them with gangs and prison, I find this woman to be strikingly beautiful and thus forcing me to move beyond my own stereo types.
    THANK YOU for existing and being so beautiful that you force me to stop being ignorant!!!!!

  4. Isa Hi!! I hope you had a Really Great Day :] I am very happy that I was able to change your views(if even only a little) about these kind of facial tattoos. Thank you, both for you Very kind word, but also for being open enough to see outside of your box. I am for an upper middle class family with no ties to anything gang related …I have just always been on my own page and all of my tattoos have to do with my loves and passions :] One again, Thank you Very Much *Sharing a Big Smile with You*

  5. Hello ThudaKat79, you’re really stunningly beautiful and absolutely gorgeous, just wanted to let you know 🙂

    I’ve seen many facial tattoos that take all the attention, but yours just somehow make your features stand out better.

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