Leaf subsides to leaf

Fall is slipping away and winter looms like a monster in the shadows (I really hate winter). Seeeingred sent in this photo and on this grey, cold day on the North Shore, it made me smile. It’s so tranquil I really kind of want to be there with him.

Photo by Maria

Photo by Maria

His piercings (can you spot the microdermal?) were done by Dorian Vilify and the tattoos by Evan Oslund of Custom Ink & Steel in Flint, Michigan. Sometimes it’s nice to just admire the view. P.S. I don’t mean the trees!

6 thoughts on “Leaf subsides to leaf

  1. Nothing gold can stay!

    DangerBitch – Agreed.

    PS Rob is sick and due to some crossed wires in our communication, I thought he meant he wasn’t posting anything tomorrow but he actually meant today. Sorry for the lack of posts today guys.

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