Sometimes, when I’m moderating photos for BME, I’ll happen upon something that makes me laugh, right out loud.  This is one of those times.


This is a work in progress, sent in by Jamie Santos of Scarab Body Arts. In case you don’t know who the tattoo is (really?), it’s none other than Neil Patrick Harris. The red skin around the tattoo tells us this was taken fresh after a sitting. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

Well kids, have a happy, fun and safe weekend and when you’re out there living it up, don’t forget to ask yourself, “What Would Neil Patrick Harris Do?”

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34 thoughts on “WWNPHD?

  1. rawr, what would nph do? he’d pay for lunch, and pay ya for the love stains he made in the back of your car

    Kumar: So where you going to go now, Neil?
    Neil Patrick Harris: [puts on sunglasses] Wherever God takes me!

    btw did anyone notice the lines?

  2. Hey ike urbaniak too bad there’s not double post removal–kidding..but seriously..nph < 3 televisions first womanizing gay man?

  3. I don’t generally like to dig at other people’s tattoos…but the lines on the shirt look absolutely -ATROCIOUS-. I don’t know what the source image looks like, but I’m hoping this is working as intended…

  4. im assuming the person who posted this tattoo is on this site. Which makes me ask “would all you people shitting on this tattoo be as brave in person?” Meaning, all you people can sit and pick and shit on work and make the wearer feel like a piece of shit, but if you saw it in person i bet you’d all be like “wow, thats awesome!”. Gutless bunch of cowards.

  5. (Was _modifyme, forgot to change details)

    @lily, it’s bad work, end of. If the person came up to me and asked me, I would say, that is a bad tattoo. I know this is meaningless coming over the internet, so take it for what it’s worth. There’s no need to be a dick about it,, true, but bad work needs to be called out as bad work.

  6. you guys are ridiculous. this isn’t some giant shoulder piece, or a big rib piece, this a portrait on a foot. the whole piece is maybe 4 inches tall. you can’t get every detail in a piece that small. as it says, it’s still a work in progress. the lines you are all critiquing so bad, are rough, light, guidelines. it’s obviously not finished. try to reserve judgement until it is done, and remember it’s tiny, it’s on a fucking foot!!!

  7. Will finishing it make the eyes NOT crooked? And make the lines in the shirt NOT unevenly spaced apart? (two lines that are both thick are divided by a wide gap, where a thick line and a thin line are right next to one another) cuz…I somehow doubt that.

    And honestly, saying “it’s on a foot gaiz!!!!!!!!!!” doesn’t really explain anything. There’s a reason not every design will fit appropriately on every single body part. You can’t go to a tattoo artist and ask for a Salvador Dali painting on your earlobe, can you? No, because it would look like shit. And, maybe, this portrait shouldn’t have been attempted on a foot…or at least not attempted by this artist. It happens.

  8. This is Mod Blog. It’s supposed to be examples of exemplary work so when a wonky, unfinished piece is posted just for the pop culture reference — yeah, there’s gonna be some “shitting on”. I probably wouldn’t even say anything if I saw this in person, but my “D:” facial expression might give me away.

    In any case, NPH is awesome. This tattoo? Not so much.

  9. I think that Jen really dropped the ball on not mentioning how small it was, but also, picking not only the one that could be mistaken as something a lot larger instead of picking any of the other works that better showcased this artist’s talent.

  10. Chokehold – And how exactly am I to know how small it is? I didn’t drop the ball on anything in fact I wasn’t aware we were playing ball. I have no idea how big it is or is not. I’m not even sure what body part that is. I have no way of knowing any more than what’s submitted along with the photo and I post the details I’ve been given. There’s no inside joke, I don’t even understand that comment. Relax, dude. Try and enjoy life. NPH is hilarious. A tattoo of NPH makes me laugh. I don’t think there’s anything that isn’t obvious about why I might laugh out loud to myself when I stumble across a photo of a man I happen to find hilarious.

    I picked it because I liked it. I’m aware that Jamie is a very talented artist and I’m pretty sure this isn’t his first feature on ModBlog. I can’t remember offhand but I’m pretty sure he’s been featured several times. It’s a work in progress which means it may or may not appear very different when it’s finished and healed. I bring that up to point out that he’s not done just like I brought up the fact that it was a fresh tattoo to point out the fact that the colours will settle down some as it heals. I was simply providing some info to go along with the post. I certainly don’t apologize for posting it though I do feel bad that people feel the need to insult it.

    It made me laugh when I saw it was a tattoo of NPH. It was a fun thing to post at the end of the day on a Friday. Full stop.

    And Kendal, you’re way off on “the point of ModBlog”. We have always posted things we find interesting, different, fun, particularly outstanding, conversation worthy, etc. We have always posted works in progress. I know what the purpose of ModBlog is, I’ve been here since it’s inception. ;)

    I get it, some people don’t like this, that’s ok. Personally, I think it’s funny and I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t enjoy it.

    Simmer down now, people! See if I ever try to be lighthearted on a Friday afternoon again! :) Next Friday I’ll be extra serious.

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