I don’t think that’s where that goes!

Enemy sent in this photo of himself.  From what I gather, the piercings were all completely self done.  His lobes are at 7/8 and his septum is at 7/16.  I wanted to post the photo because high nostrils don’t come in very often.  I want to say this is still a fairly uncommon piercing but given where I live, I’m not sure if that’s accurate or simply my perception.   What about you, ModBloggers?  Would you say this is uncommon or do you see high nostrils with some frequency where you live?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that he doesn’t normally wear what appears to be a piece of pipe a sharpie in his septum and that this was just for the photo.


16 thoughts on “I don’t think that’s where that goes!

  1. I’ve never seen anyone around where I live with high nostrils. Or anything outside the realm of ‘normal/average’ piercings… I’ve only seen someone with multiple facial piercings (cheeks, 3 labrets, eyebrows, probably a few more…) in real life once and I wasn’t even at home then… >.<

  2. haha…i use a piece of a ink pen as a retainer for my septum(its cheap, and works for a HEALED piercing)…glad to see someone else with the same creativity…

  3. sometimes i feel like i live in a bubble being on IAM and BME. i seem to forget how few people there really are in our ‘community’ unless i go to some areas in Seattle. i dont think i have seen high nostrils in person, yet…there is a chick in my town (or she at least visits, and comes to my work when she does) with an eyelid piercing, which im sure even less people have seen in person than high nostrils haha.

  4. I have a high nostril, above my regular one. they look like a line of dots, but everywhere i go everyone is so amazed that i have it. it doesnt turn heads in the shops here and when im with the community but even among them i cant remember seeing one. i just think it may not be that “popular”. too bad for them, its pretty awesome

  5. I have high nostril piercings, but I have never seen anyone else with them.

    I remember going to the States for the weekend, and stopping by Bellis Fair (giant outlet mall-type thing, very popular with Canadians who want to shop over the border, for those who aren’t familiar with it) to go shopping, and finding a piercing shop in the mall. I was so amused seeing one there that I couldn’t resist going in, and the girl working there had never even seen high nostrils before. She even called her coworker over to see them, and then when I was walking past the shop again on my way out, she called me over again so her OTHER coworker could see them.

  6. I have high nostril piercings! I find it’s more popular in areas where there is a reputable piercer who people know can do the piercing… it’s a tricky one to execute, and you have to have large enough nostrils for it to work. I’ve seen three people in Edmonton, Alberta, with high nostril piercings, but I’m the only one in my city with the piercing. I get lots of comments and questions about how the piercing is executed, as well as compliments on how unique they look.

  7. Hey! I’m famous. The High Nostrils where not selfdone. They have been done by Chris George at Danny’s Ancient Art.

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