The Friday Follow-up

It’s Black Friday which means you’re either out brawling in store over the best deal on overpriced electronics, or you’re curled up at home nursing your food hangover.  In either case, it is still Friday which means it’s time for another scarification follow-up.

This week we’re looking at another scar by John Joyce.  Now there are two fresh pictures as the cutting was done in multiple sessions, which means you’ll get a chance to see how the initial cutting healed up in the time between the two sessions.



Keep on reading to see how it healed up.

Well, it’s been 15 months now since the scar was cut, and here’s how it looks today.

It’s interesting to see how the scar healed differently in the area by the knee as opposed to the upper thigh.  I’m guessing that has to do with there being more movement in that area.  To check out more of John’s work, head on over to his scarification gallery.

If you’ve had scar work done, or are a scarification artist, please send in your fresh and healed scar photos for the Friday Follow-ups.  One of the most popular requests I get whenever a fresh scar is posted is for a follow up photo.

11 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. It’s really beautiful and nicely visible. The last leaf isn’t looking that great in my eyes, but i’m guessing the different type of healing wouldn’t matter to the proud owner.

  2. the last leaf is still a little darker than the rest due to the extra movement because it’s so close to the knee. The lines have held up well though and it will fade to blend in with the rest of it over time.

  3. i think that it looks awesome. i’ve always thought that flowers and vines work well from the hip down. nice work as always

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