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Few things are as visually distinctive as a skyline.  To many, they’re a portrait of home, or at least their home city.  Sure there may be recognizable buildings that people will automatically identify with a city, but a skyline on its own gives the viewer the full picture.  Think of the NYC skyline.  It’s probably the most famous one in the world, simply because of how often it is used to reveal New York as the setting for a film.  Any movie filmed before 2001 had a distinctly different NY skyline than the one we see now, and people notice this because of how recognizable they are.  It’s like seeing the photo of a person you’ve known all your life only with a single feature drastically changed.

As you can see below, BadBadDreams has a strong connection to the city of Taipei, Taiwan.  Ainslie Heilich from Vintage Karma in Stroudsburg, PA was the artist responsible for creating this reproduction of the Taipei skyline on their arm.


Does the city you live in have a distinctive skyline?  I know that Toronto’s skyline is pretty recognizable, even though in the past 5 years it has changed dramatically with the building of a lot of high-rise condos right in front of Canada’s wang (the CN Tower).

6 thoughts on “Home is where the art is

  1. Canada’s Wang! I live in south-western Ontario about 2 hours from TO and I’ve never heard it called Canada’s Wang before. ha ha… the great dong of Toronto…

    skylines are great… New York’s is amazing I think everyone would agree to that… and Nissan’s well, probably just about everyone! ha ha.

    I’ve constructed a collage from magazine and other print media on my bedroom wall… and within it there is an amazing photo which is black and white, a photo which is taken from over twice the height of the tallest skyscraper condos within the image below… I’d assume from the looks of it that it’s either not a part of America, or in fact a photoshopped image because of the immense amounts of skyscrapers… looking at it again just now I feel like it is quite authentically real… mega cities somewhere… wish I knew where, it’s an amazing view… then in the collage there are some other images which have a red stripe through the middle with black text on them which i clipped from some magazine… the one disecting the amazing mega-cities skyline image reads simply “you finally learn the measure of a man.” … I thought this combination/arrangement would incite some “woah” backed by imagery as powerful as such. graphic media that makes people think things, opposed to simple imagery was kind of the angle I played with it.

    anyway, long enough comment. so finishing it off i’ll say that’s a nice place to put such a piece.

    iam: metaverse

  2. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I think that science world is pretty distinctive in our skyline. Also, BC and GM place…

    Funny how none of those are a tower.

  3. We don’t have the most impressive downtown skyline in Memphis, TN, USA. This is due to the fact that we sit directly on top of the New Madrid fault line, so the city has limited to height of buildings in the event a major earthquake. We do have a very recognizable one though. With the Pyramid and the TN-AR bridge. I love my home town.

    And in Knoxville, TN, USA, the city I live in while at university, has a beautiful skyline between the buildings following the river and the Sunsphere built for the 1982 World’s Fair held in the city, despite being a such a small city.

  4. wanna see a difference between toronto skyline 1998 and toronto skyline now? check out http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150184972690463&set=a.5525265462.25106.743005462

    @Alea the revolving restaurant on top of the harbor front tower is pretty destinctive of vancouver as well and can be seen from every direction. my vote is sydney for best skyline. equal mix of architecture, nature and waterfront.

  5. I’ve always wanted a tattoo of my city’s skyline; I call Edinburgh (in Scotland) home and I don’t think any tattoo could mean as much to me as one done out of love for my city. I’d like to get a full Edinburgh sleeve done, incorporating the skyline and other things I love about the city. Skylines make such beautiful and iconic images.

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