The Friday Follow-up

We’re going to kick off Friday with a big black arm.  While I was digging through the archives to find a great pair of before and after shots I realized it had been a while since we’ve seen scarification over top of blackwork in a while.  Thankfully the_absolute sent in this pair of pictures of a scar he did earlier in the year.


Keep on reading to see how the scar turned out.


I love how well this turned out.  At first glance you wouldn’t even know it was a scar.  You can check out more of Iestyn’s work in his scarification portfolio gallery.

The single most asked question when it comes to scarification and branding photos is “what will it look like healed”.   So we’re always on the look out for fresh/healed scar photos, so if you’re an artist who would like to be featured in the follow-up, or you’re someone who has scar work done, please send in your photos.

28 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. I like to imagine that since she’s wearing the same clothing in the before and after shot, she’s actually got Wolverine’s mutant healing powers.

  2. Wow. That’s really cool. (Also very beautiful.) It kind of makes me want to get some crazy blackwork done like this…

    @Duncan: I agree. XD

  3. the smaller scars along her arm, can anyone tell me if they were there before the initial tattooing or not? i am halfway finished with my black arm and i love the look of those scars. thank you for anyone’s theories! also, amazing work!

  4. I’m waiting for someone to start removing a full body black suit via skin removal scarification… Funny how ink isn’t even that deep.
    Awesome scar, awesome shots.

  5. ooh it always looks so nice when scars are done over blackwork! :)
    and healed verison is enough good too.
    like it.

  6. @Sean, My guess is those were there before the blackwork and scarification was done, as they look like self harm cutting scars.

    Turned out lovely.

  7. that is really really beautiful,… this gives me hope for a beautiful piece over my black work one day.Excellent work as always.

  8. Love the combination of scarification and heavy black tattooing in general, but even more so when the work looks this clean. There also appears to be some older scars, which just adds to the interest of the overall piece.

  9. Yes … i cant wait to do something on my chest to help my cover up .. good looks for posting this .. now i just gotta findo ut where im a get it done since i live in jersey where their not allowed

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