Western Diamondback Rattlerman

I really enjoyed doing the interview with Alan Macias, and was perusing BME to find other people who might make for a good interview. That’s when  ran across this new picture of NoMan Pan. You may recognize him as he is no stranger to  modblog. With the picture was the following description:

The first stage in my transformation process into a Western Diamondback Rattler.


The facial tattooing was done by Christine Starnes of Custom Tattoos From the Soul in Austin, Texas, which is apparently the place to be for

So NoMan Pan, I left a comment on the wall of your facebook fan page, but I couldn’t find a single other way to contact you so if you happen to come across this post and want to do an interview with me, please shoot me an email [email protected],com.

26 thoughts on “Western Diamondback Rattlerman

  1. Damn you Sean, I was working on a piece featuring him!

    It’s ok, you didn’t include anything I’m going to be covering. So keep an eye out for something from me probably in the next week or so, and hopefully if Sean can get in touch with him, he’ll be able to put up an interview.

  2. Pan will get the job of “house hugbear” anytime, he just need to say the word and hes hired;) but bein a Texian as he is im guessing he’d freeze to death over here in wintery Sweden;)

  3. I have to say this picture of NoMan is stunning…and to you Ollie I don’t really know if you were trying to be funny or not or just sarcastic but I find your comment VERY rude.NoMan is a very close personal friend to me and others not only on BME but IRL.So if you were trying to be funny once again I think you just made an EPIC fail.

  4. @mook That certainly isnt the case at all , I have been following NoMans transformations for a long time now and consider him a personal friend, he is very much on his own path. Very nice as always NoManx

  5. @ ollie umm Noman is well in his 50′s i beleive, i don’t think he’s worried much about getting a job at that point in his life..

  6. he’s not going to need to get a job if he’s transforming into a Western Diamondback Rattler. he’ll probably just move to a desertous region and feed on small mammals.

  7. Well, I finally got him so I should have an interview up soon. Might not be until next year as I am going to be out of town a lot during the holidays, but soonish at least.

  8. He’s a member on CoBM :)

    And awesome!

    <333 Can’t wait to see more photos of the next step!

  9. NoMan is an amazing person and is not copying ANYONE on his journey. His modifications are his own!
    I regard him very highly in my life and can’t believe so many people wuld disrespect him for what he has done.

    This is BME and nobody’s modifications should be met with negativity, rude comments, or disrespect, GROW UP!!!!

    I’m looking forward to the interview with him very much :)

    I love you NoMan, keep doing what you do and continue on your journey my dear friend xoxo

  10. sorry i didn’t mean to be rude, i was only joking about him eating small mammals and living in a desertous climate. this transformation is already looking sick, you can see the inner rattler in his eyes.

  11. @meow i doubt it, i’ve been very naughty this year so santa will most likely flip me the bird and shout something along the lines of “maybe next year you humor-less, pretentious, sod”

  12. @Taveon well all to his own when it comes to humor but u realy shoudl get ur facts straights hes about to turn 50… NOT well in his 50′s;)

  13. I must add that he is quite young at heart for almost 50 too. BTW his birthday is in January, i hope the interview/article is done before then :)

  14. Love the interview man! I think the new scales look great. I showed the new pics to my mom and she loved the addition. see you soon

  15. Unfortunately i was left out in the credits, for reasons unexplained by noman, I started the transformation with the sublabial scales that begin at his lower lip and below. I just feel credit should be given where it is due.
    that is all.

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