They’re here

While I was only 4 when Poltergeist came out, I do remember seeing it on video when I was young, and I remember being terrified of trees and clowns for a long time afterwards.  To this day it still holds up as one of the best horror films of all time.  The iconic image of Carol-Anne holding her hands up to the screen has become cemented in the cultural zeitgeist.  Which is why this simple monochromatic calf tattoo is so familiar.

Thanks to jshtate for sending this in to the tattoo galleries.

4 thoughts on “They’re here

  1. I know this about this guy, he basically does shit out of his kitchen. This doesn’t belong here.

  2. I love this movie. And I like this piece. I have seen his other work, the shop is nice. There is a shot of this when it was fresh in and at the parlor. T

  3. Harsh. I however respect the remark and I will make sure I clean up and do whatever I can to make my photos more professional. I’m sorry this one is so shady in the background. I didn’t have my camera on site, so the picture was taken when we returned to my house. I just put them on the site and only had about four up. I have pulled them all and I wont make this mistake again. I constantly strive to be a better artist and learn everything I can. Including everything in the field , including presentation.


  4. I know about this guy as well, he does some pretty legit shit. jshtate is damn good and doesn’t belong in any shop in his area, he’s got quality to go where he wants.

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