7 hours of pain…

…for a lifetime of enjoyment.

That’s exactly what JakeMindsnared went through over the weekend at the Surf N Ink International Tattoo Convention down on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Anders started working on the scar at the convention center, but when it was time for the show to end, he still wasn’t finished.  So they packed up, walked down the street and finished up at Anders’ shop.  According to Jake, the processes was grueling as the noise of the convention and the change of locale made it nearly impossible for him to concentrate, leaving him unable to focus on anything other than the pain.

Head over to Anders’ BME portfolio gallery to check out all the the incredible procedural shots.  From the laying of the stencil to the final cuts, it’s all there.

6 thoughts on “7 hours of pain…

  1. Hehe Thomas….. I designed the pattern, gave it to Anders and told him i wanted this but *randomised. This piece is basically the starters for a complete back cover-up, each piece of art i collect for my back will *loosely tie in with its neighboring piece and so on!
    ah you say mistakes.. and i say INDIVIDUAL!!

    I CAN say Thomas, with over 20hrs of scarification by Anders, that he doesnt fuck around and you’d be lucky to get cut by anyone better!

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