Bass Master

When it comes to scarification, there are a few artists that are truly masters of the art.  One such master is Quebec’s Efix Roy.  Working out of D-Markation in Quebec City, as well as touring the globe, Efix’s scars are always incredible.  In the third and final animal-related post today, we have one of Efix’s newest scars, a bass leaping out of the water.

This piece in particular is a combination of cutting, peeling and cross-hatching.  The cross-hatching is a technique used for shading, and you can see it in the darker areas where the stencil ink is still present.

There is also a close-up image in Efix’s BME portfolio gallery, in addition to many of his other incredible works.

I plan on harassing him on your behalf so you can see how this heals up.

4 thoughts on “Bass Master

  1. I’m curious about the stencil ink in the wound. Is there a chance, if the wound is not disturbed and left to heal naturally, that the ink would heal INTO it and remain part of the piece?

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