Give him a hand

Not to be outdone, Anders the Piercing Guy, also known as Alienboy over on IAM, also submitted some interesting scars over the weekend.  This one in particular caught my eye as hand scars are always a little tricky to pull off.

Thanks to Anders’ skill this cutting turned out great.  If you want to see how the scar came into being, there are quite a few procedural shots up in his BME portfolio gallery.

12 thoughts on “Give him a hand

  1. ^paw: haha are you drunk??? Of course its NOT photoshopped, as the text says “there are quite a few procedural shots” they all photoshopped too? some people….

  2. That’s me!! (Chade) There’s also a stack of healing photos in my gallery on iam.

    Lol Paw, unless you can photoshop pain, I’m pretty sure my experience was real.

  3. Woot..
    Again Anders makes the page.
    And no its wasn’t bloody photoshop. I was sitting next to him while he did this.

    Congrats Mr Anders again 🙂 looks awesome

  4. lol i always comment on Facebook tattoo images that seem ridiculous and shot straight on, the ones that look extremely flat, why do i believe people do this is because there is a project in media design for students to apply tattoos realistically and believably. for example people with gigantic eyeball tattoos on there backs, i hate those the most. nyways this is is really awesome, and it looks very rewarding in the end congrats.

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