Stretching it out

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of big dramatic suspensions on ModBlog, so today we’re going to go back to basics with a really peaceful looking single knee suspension.

You can see just how at peace he is while his body is in a relaxed state hanging by his knee.  While suspensions can be for fun and for show, it’s good to remember that they’re also a way to get in touch with one’s spiritual side, and use the time in the air as a time of meditation and reflection.

4 thoughts on “Stretching it out

  1. …bliss…
    For me, body suspension first and foremost is about personal enlightenment, so that picture captures it pretty well.

  2. This is Chase Campbell! I have had several procedures done by him, scarification, lobe work, a couple microdermals, he does it all. If you’re ever in West Virginia check him out, he’s a very cool guy to talk to, and is very professional with his work.

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