Silent embrace

This week we’re lucky to have a couple of fantastic pieces added to the galleries from some of the many talented artists at Scarab Body Arts.  First up is a beautiful piece of what I assume is a recreation of a piece of art.  Of course I could be wrong, which has happened before.  In either case, the tattoo itself was done by Jamie Santos, who’s art you can check out in her BME portfolio gallery.

8 thoughts on “Silent embrace

  1. I thought it looked a lot like Klimt; the stylized figures and the background are the major giveaways.

  2. This is done on a friend of mine, it looks amazing in person. I should see if i can get a healed photo from her to send in

  3. Gustav Klimt. A friend of mine has a canvas print of the mother and child hanging in her living room.

  4. Good choice of location, given the shape of the piece… it’s really well suited to down the side of the body.

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