Fairy Clear

The use of negative space in a tattoo isn’t a new technique by any means.  This fairy tattoo by Joey Pang is just an example of how a skilled artist can use that negative space to create a beautiful image.  At first glance the fairy seems to be just a head, wings, and a squiggly line.  Yet when you look at the negative space, your mind takes these pieces, combines them with the negative space, and creates the full body of the fairy.  Joey is using the negative space in such a way that the viewer also becomes an artist in their mind, filling in the blank with an image unique to each viewer.

You can check out more of Joey’s recent work in the new skool tattoo gallery.

8 thoughts on “Fairy Clear

  1. lovely tattoo. I thought the red square was another tattoo but I looked at the artists page and realized it was his signature! woops

  2. I absoloutely love this. Was actually designing something similar the other day to go on my forearm, just wish I’d come up with this first 😛

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